Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“Actually teaching real people…”

on 5 December 2012

Just another spirit filled week in the MTC…

Hi everyone who is reading this!

I’m eating lots of food, far too much actually. The MTC cafeteria is all you can eat and it’s in big American portions anyway. The quality of the food is questionable but I go to bed with a full tummy! I haven’t got my new companion yet because our teachers got it wrong. Our branch president said that she’s coming tomorrow and that her name is Sister Hall and that’s all I know. As far as the cookie care package goes, it’s not needed but any contact from the outside world is always welcome 🙂

I realise I haven’t told you much about the elders in my district, so if I refer to any of the following you’ll know who they are: elder Adams, Kunz, Ihalmo (he’s Finnish), Evans, Hawkins and Seidl. I’m sorry to say that I’ve found myself saying some things with an American accent because of their influence but I’m doing my best to resist it…I find daily repentance is very helpful. 🙂

I had a new teaching experience this week – I was actually teaching real people!! They have members who volunteer to come in and just have a bit of a lesson/spiritual thought (In french of course) but I absolutely loved it and it reminded me how much I love to teach. One of the girls I taught was from Liverpool so that was a bonus. They were so lovely to us and it was nice not to do role play for once. I’ll be doing that now (TRC) each Thursday but this Thursday will be a challenge because Sister Allred won’t be here on Thursday because she has to go to San Francisco to get her visa for France so I’ll be teaching one investigator and two TRCs with my brand new companion who doesn’t have a clue what to do and can’t speak french!!! Well, we all know the mission is a learning experience!
My weekly language update: It’s coming along pretty well now. I mean, I’m rubbish but I’m a lot less rubbish than I was and I know the whole reason for that is that the Lord must be blessing me with the gift of tongues (which I pray for DAILY). I can now teach a lesson without any notes and answer questions I wasn’t prepared for. It’s such a good feeling but it’s also a good feeling to know how much more I’ve go to learn and how much better I can get.
I’m still LOVING it here despite the hard times. The good times make up for it!
Thank you for all your support and encouragement.
Love from
Soeur Hoar

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