Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“Everyone here thinks they’re Swiss”

Hello Everyone!

Ok, I may have been a bit optimistic about the French post system and Sisiter Reintjes has told me that it’s snail pace and a lot of her stuff gets sent back be sure to put the return address on each time you send something.

I have been told so many times that I’m in the best secteur in the mission and I can well believe that. The members are great and so involved in missionary work. It’s a completely stereotypical French ward although we’re so close to the border that everyone here thinks they’re Swiss. Sister Reintjes and I haven’t had the heart yet to break it to them.

We have a couple of investigators with a baptismal date at the moment and another who was baptised the week before I arrived so for all those who think France doesn’t get baptisms…

One of those is Anna who is wonderful, she turns 68 this weekend and gets spiritually born the next! She’s Italian and speaks really fast French with a strong accent so I only get about half of what she says but that doesn’t stop me from seeing how well the Lord has prepared her and I love her so much. She’s so funny in how she is so concerned for us too, every time she leaves she makes sure that we have our scarves on and that we’ll be plenty warm enough when we leave. Our other ami with a baptismal date is another super prepared lady who I’ve actually only seen once because she kind of lives between two ward boundaries so the Elders have been teaching her this week.

The French is coming along. I now know what the French translation is of “I don’t have time”, “I’m late for a bus”, “I’m Catholic”, “you’re Amish”, “you’re Jehovah’s Witnesses”, “you’re an American sect”, “I’m not interested” and so on. The cool thing about Annecy though is that it’s such a nice area that even when people reject you they do it with a smile and wish you luck and a good day! Seriously would be happy to serve most of my mission here.

I’m learning heaps. I’m learning about my own nothingness, what it means to be humble and to rely on the Lord in ALL things. I love my morning studies and they give me strength for the day. Sister Reintjes is such a great example of focusing on the needs of others. She is always just turning outwards and never thinking of herself.

We teach English as a second language class and we’ve been trying to come up with some fun games or ways to teach so any ideas for that would be gratefully received.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week, I hope to hear from you soon.

Love Soeur Hoar


p.s. I found out that friends can email as well as family now (although I do love getting letters) If anyone wants to send me and email I would love to hear from you. You can write to me at . Pdays are on Mondays.

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“To everyone here I am Sister Gold”


The French keyboard is different so it’s taking me forever to type. I’m in a little internet café at the moment in a very cute ville. Unfortunately it’s not where I live. I live on the 4th floor of a block of flats in the cheap side of town but it’s cute and very French and on the whole I’m very happy with it. It’s great to be in a place where nobody knows what your name means. To everyone here I am Sister Gold because that’s how it translates. My little branch is so cute and the members are wonderful and really involved in the missionary work. The branch is about the same size as Bergerac so I already know who everyone is which is perfect for me. They make fun of me because I’m English but half the time I can’t understand what they’re saying so I’ve found myself becoming good at reading people’s emotions so that I can mirror them! In my testimony I told the branch that I’m here to serve them so if they ever need anything, just tell my translator and she’ll let me know.

I have my first zone conference next week and my first district meeting the week after. I pretty much walk everywhere but if it’s crazy far we have got the bus (Sister Hooker is in a car area in a trio). Sister Reintjes is wonderful! She is from California and is so patient with me and works really hard and has just so far been an amazing trainer and I love her. The work is good, we’ve got a couple of really solid progressing investigators and a few new amis (investigators) who show a lot of potentiel and we’re really excited about them. It is snowing so much here and so I’ve already had to use pretty much all my emergency cash for buying boots that don’t leak so that I won’t have to go another day walking for hours in the cold with soaked snowy feet…not fun.

Thank you for all your support at home, I love you all so much and I’ll be sure to write a much longer email next week.

My new address is:

Les Missionaires
Soeur Hoar
39 avenue de cran
74000 Annecy

Please send everything there because it takes ages if it goes to the mission home, also I’ll probably get things quicker by post than by email;

Lots and lots of love

Soeur Hoar



Palais de l’Isle, Little Venice, Annecy, Haute-Savoie

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“Your daughter arrived safely in Lyon”

Dear Parents,

We are happy to let you know your daughter arrived safely in Lyon. She was met at the airport by President Roney. After arriving at the Mission she had lunch, had her picture taken, took care of paperwork, and had an individual interview with President Roney. Tonight she had dinner with President and Sister Roney as well as the other missionaries that arrived today. She will stay at the hotel in Lyon tonight.  Tomorrow she will meet her new companion who will be her Trainer. Then she will have training with President Roney and the Assistants to the President. After the short training she will leave with her companion to go to her first area.

Thank you for sending us such a fine young woman.

Sister Jeppson,

Mission Secretary

Michelle with President and Sister Roney

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Last MTC Email!!

Last email from Michelle from the MTC. If you want to send her a message before she flies to the mission field then you have until Thursday evening to send your messages through

Bonjour tout le monde!

C’est ma dernière semaine ici au MTC, je ne peux pas le crois! Ok, don’t worry I won’t write the whole thing in French, couldn’t even if I wanted to anyway.

I can’t believe that in less than a week I will be landing in France! I’m buzzing but also scared and reluctant to leave all my friends here. It feels like when I was about to leave home. My district have become my, somewhat dysfunctional, family and I love them but bigger and better things await me and the people I will teach.

My flight is on Monday and I have the most ridiculous schedule. Sister Allred gets a direct flight to Paris at 4pm and I’m the lucky winner of a 3am wakeup call with three separate flights and about 5 hours of layover time. I’m going to Atlanta then Paris then Lyon. It’s a good job the church is true otherwise I’d question their flight planning abilities. Anyway, there are some positive points to this: I’m guessing that jet lag won’t be as bad because I leave at 7am American time and arrive 6am French time so I can sleep on the plane and then just get on with the day. I have one more piece of good news which I’ve been keeping secret until I could get the details. I will be PHONING HOME just before I leave for my flight at the airport. They let you have a quick call if you’re flying international.

Just a note, I saw the picture of me in Deseret News yesterday and just so you know, the two sisters to the left of me are Sister Allred and Sisiter Hall.

Thank you for all the conversion stories. A shout out to Nicki after my “name and shame” of last week. Also, thank you to the Relief Society for their lovely card! I’m sending a letter to the Young Women this week after their additions to my Christmas package.

Love you all and wish I could write more but only one more week until I don’t have the stupid red timer at the top of my screen. I don’t know when p-day will be so I guess just keep looking out for an email but chances are it will be over a week before I get to email again. Oh and also, I went to Temple Square a few weeks ago. I really thought I’d told you that but I guess not, it was amazing and I’ve got some really cheesy wedding pictures on the stand in front of the Temple.

Speak to you soon 🙂 Lots and lots of love, the church is true, can’t wait to be on the right half of the world again,

Soeur Hoar
je vous aime beaucoup

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New Years Resolutions

“Bonjour tout le monde!

Bonne Année! (not sure of the spelling) Je vous aime x

Well since it’s a new year it’s only fitting that I make some new year’s resolution that I’ll share with you. I’m pretty confident that I can keep them this year:

1. No Facebook
2. Get up at 6.30 every morning
3. Budget my money and stick to it
4, Travel more (maybe live in a couple of new countries)
5. Learn a new language
6. Meet someone new every day
7. Make a new best friend every 6 weeks
8. Do one thing every day that pushes me out of my comfort zone
9. Study the scriptures for at least an hour every day
10. Plan my time more wisely
11. Stay focused on the Saviour
12. Witness a miracle

So it looks like this year is going to be a good one 🙂 It’s not off to a great start, there’s been warnings about swine flu going around and there’s been a ban on handshakes and when I woke up this morning I found out that both my companions had been sick all through the night. It’s crazy here, everyone is ill and they’re currenltly having a big meeting to sort out what they’re going to do. Soeur Hooker said she wouldn’t be surprised if they sent some of us out to the field early. It makes a bit of sense because it’s spreading like wild fire. Don’t worry about me though, I’m very healthy and me and Heavenly Father have a bit of an understanding when it comes to sickness bugs.

It’s not the first time Soeur Hall’s been ill though, I’ve spent half the week in my room looking after her so it’s been a pretty weird week. The weirdest thing was going to a pharmacy in the outside world and although that sounds harmless it completely freaked me out for some reason. I guess I’ve just got really comfortable in the little MTC bubble. Can’t wait to go to the field (I’ll be receiving travel plans this week) but at the same time I’m really scared. I know the Lord will look after me though as  he always does. It just hit me the other week what I would actually be doing. We had a practice at street contacting in French and it was super scary and that was only in the MTC. I love how much I’m growing though, I’m doing so much that I wouldn’t usually do because I know I can do this. I have been set apart to be a servant of the Lord and that gives me so much comfort and strength.

Thank you everyone for all your letters this week. I’ll be writing a lot of letters to all the freinds who wrote to me. Thankyou Auntie Sheila, you’re conversion story was wonderful to read and also very entertaining at times. I’m going to make another call out for conversion stories though. I’m going to be a bit more specific this time please could the following send me their conversion stories and any others would be greatfully received Mum, Dad, Russ, Michael, Noel, Nicki and Megan. Thankyou, love you all!

The Church is true, you all need to know that. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much as does our Savior. I’m learning to see myself through their eyes and if you ever feel discouraged then I encourage you to do the same, to just thing for a moment of what your Heavenly Father and Savior think of you, pray to know in fact, and I know you can feel their love and testimony that you are his child and he wants everything for you.

Lots and lots of Love
From Soeur Hoar”

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