Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

‘It’s been an incredible week, probably the best so far’


Thank you for letters and emails this week, thank you for your prayers, I can feel your love and support.

So first things first- Anna is baptised!!!! It was incredible! I wasn’t prepared for the feelings that came at the baptism, the spirit was so strong and Heavenly Father allowed me to feel some of His love for her. I can’t express the joy that I felt and I feel so blessed that the Lord let me be a part of that. The branch were so great too and she’s being well integrated. The branch is truly a family and I feel completely part of that.

It’s been an incredible week, probably the best so far. We have begun teaching some really cool prepared people. First off is Hervé who we met on the bus a couple of weeks ago and with my terrible French stumbled out, ‘would you like to learn more about Christ?’ to which he responded simply ‘yes’. We’ve taught him a couple of times and he is so genuine and open. He’s accepted to be baptised when he knows it’s true but we’re hoping to fix a date this week so keep him in your prayers please. Also, we’ve begun teaching a really beautiful family (la famille Ambrosio…I know, really close to being custard) Again, she is so open and really nice, her young daughters all wanted to say the prayer at the end of the first lesson which was so cute. We teach them again today and I can’t wait!

Another couple of amis to keep in prayers are Sahadete and Michèle, both with baptism dates but we can’t get hold of Sahadete at the moment and Michèle really needs help to stop smoking…as does everyone else in France. Seriously, I breath half oxygen half tobacco smoke.

We had a blue conference this week and President surprised me by giving me another name tag that had my name spelled ‘the French way’ (Oar). It’s hilarious but I think if I wore it it would only confuse them more.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you last week that we had our Branch activity…snow shoeing in the Alps! It was incredible, this branch really knows how to do activities. It was Raquette (snow shoeing) followed by Raclette (baked potatoes covered in French cheese and meat). Suffice to say it was a good day.

Funny story of the week; when getting out of a members car I shut the door and somehow forgot to move my finger (I know, that’s a special kind of stupid). So I now have a very blue, fat, kind of disfigured looking finger. Makes typing kind of difficult but the important thing is it had settled down enough that I got through the hymns on Sunday. Another funny story; the members car it was (Soeur Fedlaoui) for some reason thinks I’m Scottish despite the numerous times I’ve told her I’m English. This has become a bit of a running joke for me. In Sacrament meeting the speaker started a story about a woman from Scotland to which Soeur Fedlaoui turns around to me and gives me a kind knowing smile. Then she was giving us a lift to the baptism (the nearest font is an hour away…welcome to Annecy) and Soeur Reintjes told her that I had made a nice English meal (I’d done a chicken roast) to which she responded ‘yes, when I was in Scotland the food was great’!

So anyway, life is wonderful here, I am seeing the hand of the Lord every day and angels are really protecting us (seriously had a very close call with a speeding car so thank you for prayers for protection). He loves us so much. The church is true and this work is wonderful! I hope things are good at home, you’re always in my prayers. The Lord is blessing me with more charity and love and it means that I not only love the people here more but I also love you more. I am seeing all the time how precious all the teachings I was given at home are.

I hope you all have a wonderful week

Lots and lots of love

Soeur Hoar

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“So transfer news…there’s been no change”

Bonjour tout le monde,

So transfer news…there’s been no change. The managers just couldn’t offer us enough money so it looks like we’re here for another season and we’re looking forward to team success and a high place on the Lyon table. We’ll be starting off the season strong with a baptism. Thank you so much for your prayers it really was a miracle this week. Anna had decided that she just wasn’t going to get baptised which is heartbreaking to say the least but then we went over on, I think it was Monday or Tuesday and she had completely turned around and said she feels completely calm and knows she needs to be baptised. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy! She is just full of beans and so excited. In fact we think she scared off Soeur Colignon who came to teach with us the other day. I don’t think the French can handle Italian enthusiasm. She’s just so amazing, she’s so cute too because she looks after us like she’s our grandmother, always making sure we’re warm enough when we go outside etc.

It sounds like the missionary work [in Telford Ward] is going great and I hope that continues to go well. It’s funny about what you said about not doing contacting anymore because last Wednesday we had a joint thing with the Paris mission where the whole country had a finding day. The schedule was literally ‘contacting, lunch, porting, dinner, porting’ (porting is door contacting). We also had a joint prayer every half an hour. At first that seemed a bit strange, with the scheduled prayers, but in fact it gave such a great sense of unity and I could really feel the love of Christ and also of all the other missionaries praying for each other. We had success too, both times it kid of went like this: ‘do you want to learn about Christ?’ ‘yes, sure’ ‘great, can we come see you this week’ ‘ok, here’s my number, address and the times I’m free’. Seriously don’t think we were prepared for that…o ye of little faith.

I’m so happy that we’re both staying in Annecy, I know that there’s so much work we need to do here and I’m really excited to do it. By the way, Anna’s baptism is this Sunday!!

I thought I didn’t like French food…turns out I was wrong. Seriously though, who has time to think about what they’re eating on a mission. I see now why there’s the stereotype of Sisters letting themselves go, it’s next to impossible to look after yourself at the same time as looking after a city, so I’m gonna do exactly what President Hinckley’s dad said; I’m gonna forget myself and go to work. So when I get home and I’m struggling to get married just get me to reread this to explain why!

Je vais vous laisser mon témoignage en français et vous pouvez essayer à le traduire (désolé pour tous les erreurs!). Je sais que l’église et vrai et que Jésus-Christ est notre Sauveur et Rédempteur. Il nous aime beaucoup et je peux le ressentir un peu plus chaque jour. Je suis infiniment reconnaissant pour ce connaissance et pour l’occasion très précieux d’être sa missionnaire.
Je vous aime et je prie pour vous tous chaque jour. Passez une bonne semaine.

Lots and lots of love
Soeur Hoar
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (bisous)

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“Transfers are called ‘mutations’ in French”


This transfer is a weird one because of the change in stay at the MTC so it’s only 5 weeks which means I’ll find out about transfers on Friday (they’re called mutations in French, I got a kick out of that). So after having only been here for 4 1/2 weeks I’ll have finished my first transfer! I’m sure that I’ll be staying, it would be weird to move so soon and I really hope that Soeur Reintjes stays with me, I don’t know what I’d do without her at this point.

Anna was not baptised on Sunday. She is so ready and is really converted but she just has so much fear about the commitment and some other things that I won’t list. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for the heartbreak of someone you love so much telling you that they don’t want to be baptised. I can’t believe how much I can love someone in such a short time, she really is wonderful. After our last lesson we have a bit of hope that it could still happen this Sunday. I can’t give up hope so please keep her in your prayers, she’s too special to lose!

We had a couple of miracles this week: one is the other ami with a baptismal date who the elders were teaching but now we are and will be from now on. She’s just so golden and just gets it. Her name is Florine (if I didn’t already tell you) and she soaks everything up like a sponge and is so eager to learn everything she can. The other miracle is a woman called Sahadete who showed up to our English class, she didn’t know it was held in a church and when she found out it was a Christian church her face just lit up and she had no words, just a thumbs up. In (really) brief she has left her Muslim home and family and moved to Europe so that she can learn about Christ and how she can follow Him…I think we can help her with that. Her story is amazing and the Lord has really prepared her and guided her to find us. We’ve only taught her once but I can’t wait to continue.

Another bit of news here is that the snow is crazy! There’s up to like 2 feet so just after emails we’re gonna go make a snowman at the park by the lake (prettiest part of Annecy).

I think the post here is a bit slow because I know a few of you said you were sending things but I haven’t got them yet, it’s exciting to look forward to this week though.

I am seeing the hand of the Lord so much in my life right now, and I know it’s always been there it’s just now that I see it so much clearer. I really love my Saviour and feel so blessed that He has put His trust in me to do this great work. He’s trusting me with His precious children and that is a great weight but a great blessing at the same time. There are angels round about us and I have felt them bearing me up. This is not a solitary work, there is so much divine help and I can feel your support and your prayers so thank you so much.

I am learning a bit more each day that this is where I am needed because this work is just too important, there is so much to do and I don’t know how I’m going to even make a dent in my few months that I have here. It’s a good job that this is not up to me and that all things are possible through the Lord. Even when things look impossible and the wisdom of the world tells you it’s not worth it, it really is. Trust in the Lord.

Love you all so so so much, have a wonderful week!

Lots of love from Soeur Hoar

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“I made us a Sunday roast with Bisto gravy”

Hi Everyone!

I’m really sorry this will be a short one for a few reasons; President has just told us that we only have 1 hour rather than 1 1/2 of computer time now. Also I had a lot of emails to read through which was wonderful Thankyou! Unfortunately along with the reduction in time we’ve also been told that we can only email between family so I’m really sorry about that but I will be doing a lot of letter writing today so please, if I don’t have your address, pass it on through family or write to me with it on. Russ will repost my address (thanks Russ!)

[Les Missionnaires, Sœur Hoar, 39 Avenue Du Cran, F-74000 Annecy, FRANCE]

So I’m not going to be able to reply to all your questions but I’ll print out the emails and hopefully by the end of a day of letter writing I will have got through them.

This week in relief society we had a lesson about FHE and it made me realise what a blessing it has been in my life and nearly all my favourite childhood memories come from those special evenings.

I can now say I’m a real sister missionary after baking cookies for a family who wasn’t at church yesterday! Check me out all Molly Mormon. Also I made us a Sunday roast with Bisto gravy which tasted just like home. There’s another Elder from England here and at zone conference he gave me the gravy, I can’t believe how grateful I was for it!

Anna will be getting baptised this Sunday, please put her in your prayers that she won’t have any fears and she can just be excited for it.

The Lord is blessing me so much and I’m so grateful for this experience. I feel like I grow so much everyday and I really feel the Lord’s angels bearing me up. This is hard work but it is so worth it. It’s great to be in a position where you can see what really matters in life without the distractions. I’ve learnt that the only thing that can stop me is my own will. Day by day I hope to turn my will over to the Lord’s. If I’m unhappy then I can just will myself to be happy, and this principle can transcend into every part of life. Will the change and it will change.

Next weeks email will be better and longer but I’m out of time. Love you all, I will write letters soon.

Lots and lots of love
from Michelle/ Soeur Hoar

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First Transfer Photos in Annecy

Here are some photo’s from the first 3 weeks of Michelle’s first transfer in Annecy with Sister Reinjtes…

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