Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“I made us a Sunday roast with Bisto gravy”

on 5 February 2013

Hi Everyone!

I’m really sorry this will be a short one for a few reasons; President has just told us that we only have 1 hour rather than 1 1/2 of computer time now. Also I had a lot of emails to read through which was wonderful Thankyou! Unfortunately along with the reduction in time we’ve also been told that we can only email between family so I’m really sorry about that but I will be doing a lot of letter writing today so please, if I don’t have your address, pass it on through family or write to me with it on. Russ will repost my address (thanks Russ!)

[Les Missionnaires, Sœur Hoar, 39 Avenue Du Cran, F-74000 Annecy, FRANCE]

So I’m not going to be able to reply to all your questions but I’ll print out the emails and hopefully by the end of a day of letter writing I will have got through them.

This week in relief society we had a lesson about FHE and it made me realise what a blessing it has been in my life and nearly all my favourite childhood memories come from those special evenings.

I can now say I’m a real sister missionary after baking cookies for a family who wasn’t at church yesterday! Check me out all Molly Mormon. Also I made us a Sunday roast with Bisto gravy which tasted just like home. There’s another Elder from England here and at zone conference he gave me the gravy, I can’t believe how grateful I was for it!

Anna will be getting baptised this Sunday, please put her in your prayers that she won’t have any fears and she can just be excited for it.

The Lord is blessing me so much and I’m so grateful for this experience. I feel like I grow so much everyday and I really feel the Lord’s angels bearing me up. This is hard work but it is so worth it. It’s great to be in a position where you can see what really matters in life without the distractions. I’ve learnt that the only thing that can stop me is my own will. Day by day I hope to turn my will over to the Lord’s. If I’m unhappy then I can just will myself to be happy, and this principle can transcend into every part of life. Will the change and it will change.

Next weeks email will be better and longer but I’m out of time. Love you all, I will write letters soon.

Lots and lots of love
from Michelle/ Soeur Hoar

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