Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“So transfer news…there’s been no change”

on 21 February 2013

Bonjour tout le monde,

So transfer news…there’s been no change. The managers just couldn’t offer us enough money so it looks like we’re here for another season and we’re looking forward to team success and a high place on the Lyon table. We’ll be starting off the season strong with a baptism. Thank you so much for your prayers it really was a miracle this week. Anna had decided that she just wasn’t going to get baptised which is heartbreaking to say the least but then we went over on, I think it was Monday or Tuesday and she had completely turned around and said she feels completely calm and knows she needs to be baptised. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so happy! She is just full of beans and so excited. In fact we think she scared off Soeur Colignon who came to teach with us the other day. I don’t think the French can handle Italian enthusiasm. She’s just so amazing, she’s so cute too because she looks after us like she’s our grandmother, always making sure we’re warm enough when we go outside etc.

It sounds like the missionary work [in Telford Ward] is going great and I hope that continues to go well. It’s funny about what you said about not doing contacting anymore because last Wednesday we had a joint thing with the Paris mission where the whole country had a finding day. The schedule was literally ‘contacting, lunch, porting, dinner, porting’ (porting is door contacting). We also had a joint prayer every half an hour. At first that seemed a bit strange, with the scheduled prayers, but in fact it gave such a great sense of unity and I could really feel the love of Christ and also of all the other missionaries praying for each other. We had success too, both times it kid of went like this: ‘do you want to learn about Christ?’ ‘yes, sure’ ‘great, can we come see you this week’ ‘ok, here’s my number, address and the times I’m free’. Seriously don’t think we were prepared for that…o ye of little faith.

I’m so happy that we’re both staying in Annecy, I know that there’s so much work we need to do here and I’m really excited to do it. By the way, Anna’s baptism is this Sunday!!

I thought I didn’t like French food…turns out I was wrong. Seriously though, who has time to think about what they’re eating on a mission. I see now why there’s the stereotype of Sisters letting themselves go, it’s next to impossible to look after yourself at the same time as looking after a city, so I’m gonna do exactly what President Hinckley’s dad said; I’m gonna forget myself and go to work. So when I get home and I’m struggling to get married just get me to reread this to explain why!

Je vais vous laisser mon témoignage en français et vous pouvez essayer à le traduire (désolé pour tous les erreurs!). Je sais que l’église et vrai et que Jésus-Christ est notre Sauveur et Rédempteur. Il nous aime beaucoup et je peux le ressentir un peu plus chaque jour. Je suis infiniment reconnaissant pour ce connaissance et pour l’occasion très précieux d’être sa missionnaire.
Je vous aime et je prie pour vous tous chaque jour. Passez une bonne semaine.

Lots and lots of love
Soeur Hoar
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (bisous)

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