Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

‘It’s been an incredible week, probably the best so far’

on 25 February 2013


Thank you for letters and emails this week, thank you for your prayers, I can feel your love and support.

So first things first- Anna is baptised!!!! It was incredible! I wasn’t prepared for the feelings that came at the baptism, the spirit was so strong and Heavenly Father allowed me to feel some of His love for her. I can’t express the joy that I felt and I feel so blessed that the Lord let me be a part of that. The branch were so great too and she’s being well integrated. The branch is truly a family and I feel completely part of that.

It’s been an incredible week, probably the best so far. We have begun teaching some really cool prepared people. First off is Hervé who we met on the bus a couple of weeks ago and with my terrible French stumbled out, ‘would you like to learn more about Christ?’ to which he responded simply ‘yes’. We’ve taught him a couple of times and he is so genuine and open. He’s accepted to be baptised when he knows it’s true but we’re hoping to fix a date this week so keep him in your prayers please. Also, we’ve begun teaching a really beautiful family (la famille Ambrosio…I know, really close to being custard) Again, she is so open and really nice, her young daughters all wanted to say the prayer at the end of the first lesson which was so cute. We teach them again today and I can’t wait!

Another couple of amis to keep in prayers are Sahadete and Michèle, both with baptism dates but we can’t get hold of Sahadete at the moment and Michèle really needs help to stop smoking…as does everyone else in France. Seriously, I breath half oxygen half tobacco smoke.

We had a blue conference this week and President surprised me by giving me another name tag that had my name spelled ‘the French way’ (Oar). It’s hilarious but I think if I wore it it would only confuse them more.

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you last week that we had our Branch activity…snow shoeing in the Alps! It was incredible, this branch really knows how to do activities. It was Raquette (snow shoeing) followed by Raclette (baked potatoes covered in French cheese and meat). Suffice to say it was a good day.

Funny story of the week; when getting out of a members car I shut the door and somehow forgot to move my finger (I know, that’s a special kind of stupid). So I now have a very blue, fat, kind of disfigured looking finger. Makes typing kind of difficult but the important thing is it had settled down enough that I got through the hymns on Sunday. Another funny story; the members car it was (Soeur Fedlaoui) for some reason thinks I’m Scottish despite the numerous times I’ve told her I’m English. This has become a bit of a running joke for me. In Sacrament meeting the speaker started a story about a woman from Scotland to which Soeur Fedlaoui turns around to me and gives me a kind knowing smile. Then she was giving us a lift to the baptism (the nearest font is an hour away…welcome to Annecy) and Soeur Reintjes told her that I had made a nice English meal (I’d done a chicken roast) to which she responded ‘yes, when I was in Scotland the food was great’!

So anyway, life is wonderful here, I am seeing the hand of the Lord every day and angels are really protecting us (seriously had a very close call with a speeding car so thank you for prayers for protection). He loves us so much. The church is true and this work is wonderful! I hope things are good at home, you’re always in my prayers. The Lord is blessing me with more charity and love and it means that I not only love the people here more but I also love you more. I am seeing all the time how precious all the teachings I was given at home are.

I hope you all have a wonderful week

Lots and lots of love

Soeur Hoar

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