Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“Had a really cool miracle happen this week”

on 25 March 2013

Hey Everybody,

It’s weird coming to write a weekly email because it seems like so much happens every single day but then I come to recount it and I come up blank. I’m keeping up with the journal, I’ve only missed a few days so far so it’s nearly full. I don’t know how much value my scribblings at the end of each tiring day will have but they will be good for a laugh at some point I’m sure.

I’m so flipping emotional on my mission and maybe I was always like this and it just comes out more on a mission but it’s really annoying. I rarely get to the end of the day and am just calm and satisfied, there’s always some kind of extreme event or emotion going on. It’s exhausting but it’s good because it’s like accelerated growth. I can’t think of any other thing that could affect me or change me in the same way that a mission can.

We had a really cool miracle happen this week, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about losing contact with our golden amie Sahadete? Anyway, we were desperate to find her again. She told us that she was moving to avenue du Stade but she didn’t know the address and we knew that it would be a ‘foyer’ but ave du stade is massive and her name wouldn’t be marked on the sonnerie but we really felt like we just had to make the effort and we would find her. We also know the value of prayer and fasting so we teamed them up and after emails last week we went to the Hotel de Ville and asked if we could have a list of all the foyers on ave du stade and we were just gonna do some hardcore porting. When we get there the lady says there are no foyers on avenue du stade, well bang goes that theory. So we’re walking along the street later feeling a bit hopeless when Soeur Reintjes just looks across the street and goes ‘hey, is that Sahadete?’ It was! Just walking along the street opposite, what are the chances! Oh man we raced across that street trying to suppress how happy we were to see her because we were freaking her out by our enthusiasm. We really do nothing as missionaries, the Lord just uses us to do his great work and we’re just left to marvel.

We had zone conference this week which I love! It’s a mixture of feeling a great desire to repent and see your inadequacies at the same time as a big spiritual boost of motivation. I love seeing all the other missionaries, there’s such a cool feeling of unity. Also, this conference they joined three zones together so I got to see Soeur Hooker and an Elder from my MTC group. He said that he’s been in contact with one of the other elders from the MTC who went to Africa. Speaking of heat, it’s all gone now. I was really excited when it started to get really warm last week, seriously, we had a couple of days where you didn’t even really need a coat. This morning we wake up…snow…again. Ah well, there must be opposition in all things I guess, I just hope I’m not right down south when the summer kicks in.

Well, I hope you’re all doing well, as always I’m praying for you all.
Love you all loads, hope you have a great week. Enjoy speaking English, remember not all of us have that privilege.

Lots of love
Soeur Hoar

p.s the church is true (I realised I hadn’t left any kind of testimony this week)
p.p.s there’s more sincerity in that than you might think

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