Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“The French don’t have a word for awkward”

on 8 April 2013


Conference was amazing and has never gone so fast! Seriously didn’t think that was possible. I mean, I love General Conference but come on, 2 hours is a long time but it went by super fast. I got to watch it in English which was such a blessing. We went to Geneva where they have four wards and one of them is an English ward. Sleeping over at the English Soeurs apartment was fun, the Spanish soeurs came over in the morning and all 6 of us had breakfast and studies together. With 6 sisters in one room we upped the cheese and sang ‘As Sisters in Zion’ and recited the young women’s theme in our respective languages.

Soeur Layton is great, she was in the same MTC group as Soeur Reintjes so they know each other really well. It’s been a big shock to the system not having my trainer with me and I’ll be honest it’s been a tough week but just because of the sudden responsibility I have and of course I stress out way too much. We had a day this week where we wanted to see an ami in Bellegarde which is like two train rides out of Annecy and takes a good couple of hours. With one thing after another going wrong we ended up being in transport for about 7 hours and not even getting to see Pascale (our ami). I couldn’t believe it and I was so frustrated but Soeur Layton is a great influence for me and she was like ‘hey, we did nothing wrong, it just happens’. So now we can just laugh about it and count it as a learning experience. She’s really bubbly and optimistic and that’s exactly what I need and of course what this secteur needs.

I don’t know whether I told you about our three hour mangez-vous (dinner appointment) but all that really does is reminds me I’m in France.

I miss going to the Temple so much. It’s surprised me some of the things that I miss and the things I can do without, like piano is just not even an issue for me…can you ever picture me not being interested in playing the piano??

I’m trying hard to think of funny stories for you this week but I’m coming up a bit short, there’s so many strange people that you meet in the week that it’s hard for any of them to really stand out. When we were stuck in Bellegarde for a bit we did a bit of contacting and I spoke to an old man who wasn’t interested but he stroked my cheek and told me I was beautiful…erm creeped out was not the word. Soeur Layton says she has a talent for attracting old Muslim men. On that note my Muslim spotting is getting a lot better. We’re not allowed to contact them so you have to be careful. French Muslims are not the same as English ones so it’s taken a bit of practice. We’re also not allowed to contact anyone under 18 and sometimes it’s a bit hard to tell. I was calling some potentials and I tried to set up a rdv with someone we met on the bus and he was like ‘oh I can’t on that day because I have a school football match’….awkward. The French don’t have a word for awkward and that’s a good thing because then I can just pretend like situations are just ok. I’m starting to develop a love for awkwardness though because it’s pretty much how you feel the entire day.

It sounds really cool about the ‘Mormon Campaign‘, I bet that musical will do more good than bad for missionary work. Here in France Mitt Romney has certainly made people so much more aware of the church, although I had one guy a few weeks ago trying to convince me that Barak Obama is Mormon despite my many efforts to explain. I’ve finally got the accent about right when I say ‘Mormon’, no one used to understand me until Soeur Reintjes taught me the technique, apparently you just wretch a bit more on the ‘r’…oh French, how I love you.

Love you all so much, I hope you had a wonderful conference, only 6 months to wait for the next one!

Lots and lots of love

from Soeur Hoar

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