Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

‘What er thou art, act well thy part’

Bonjour à tous

I’ve had a thought about my name, it’s such a pain to pronounce to the French, it would be so much easier to use my first name. I’m at the point now though that if anyone called me by my first name it would be the most bizarre thing.

Anyway, that lady that contacted us on the bus, we got to teach her and set a baptismal date! She’s so great and the gospel is really going to change her life. We haven’t been able to see her since that first lesson so we really need your prayers (her name’s Sylvie). She is in such need of the gospel and I hope that nothing gets in the way of her progression.

I’ll be honest we’re having a bit of a tough time finding people to teach but this week we’ve got a lot of stuff to plan in with the members so it should take off soon. I’m so impatient, I feel like after a week we should have loads of people to teach now, we should know how to get around the ville, we should know all of the members etc but I realised the other day that this is a big task for me right now just to be changing areas, whitewashing and training. Those are three things that I’ve never done before and I should just concentrate on getting those things right because that’s what the Lords asked me to do. So often we want to do more than we’re capable of and that”s just not right. I was reading the conference talk by Elaine S Dalton this morning about ‘what’er thou art, act well thy part’ and it’s true. We take things step at a time and in the Lords way, in the Lords time but whatever the Lord has given us to do we just need to do our best, no more, no less. Ok, I’m done rambling, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately…ok so I’m always doing a lot of thinking….

I’m trying to think of some interesting stories but I don’t know if there’s any good ones for an email. I wish I could describe to you the baptism on Saturday because it was the best baptism ever. Picture a really big, intense black man baptising a tiny, fragile white man. Already the odds were not in favour but when he was baptised this brother shoved him in the water like he was trying to drown him, with such force that he and the front row of primary kids watching got soaked too. The best part was they had to do it twice, that poor man, we thought he was gonna throw up all the baptismal water he had swallowed.

My first Sunday the Bishop gave this really great talk about member missionary work and then invited everyone to invite the missionaries over for a FHE and to also invite a non-member friend. He then said if they didn’t have anyone to invite then get the missionaries to bring an investigator. Also, the assistant ward mission leader (yeah, this is a little bit different from Annecy) sends out a calendar to us each week (apparently, I haven’t seen it yet) with all the times that members are available to teach with us. So I guess he emails or talks to all the members at one point and they fill in when they’re free so that all we need to do is read the list then make the call. They’re also in the process of calling more ward missionaries so that there are enough for all missionaries to go on splits. Bear in mind there are 10 full time missionaries in this ward.
So, that’s been my week in a nutshell. Oh yeah, Beausoleil was fun, forgot to mention that. It was super weird taking off our tags to walk through Beausoleil. All we could see of the Grand Prix was the back of some stands by Monte Carlo…there are worse places to serve.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful week, love you all so much.

Lots of love

Soeur Hoar
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“It’s going to be strange living with three other sisters”


I’ve only been in Nice for a couple of days but I love it! The ward is incredible , like seriously, they are brilliant and it seems to be all thanks to the bishop who is just super focused on missionary work. Also the ward mission leader is incredible and has so many systems for getting the work going and the members involved too. There will be miracles in this ward. There are 10 full time missionaries in the ward, 4 sisters, 4 elders and a senior couple (just a little bit of a change from Annecy). It was really hard saying goodbye again though, it was almost like leaving home. I’ve been thrust out of my comfort zone again but it’s a really great opportunity to view my progress and continue to grow. Church was great and I was amazed at how easily I could talk with the members. My first week in Annecy I could hardly say a thing and I was so shy and now I can just walk up to the members and have a nice little chat 🙂

My new companion is Soeur Loder, she’s a convert of 4 years from Ohio. She actually reminds me just of Megan. I love her so much and I’m so excited to train. I’m sure I’ll mess up a tonne of stuff but I’m gonna try my best and I really want this to be great experience for her. Companionships are so inspired and I’m looking forward to learning from her.

We had a really cool little miracle. The first bus we got on in Nice this lady just starts contacting the other blue (Soeur Floidsand). She asked her, regarding her badge, what the church is and where she could find it, Soeur Floisand looks all confused and just smiles and says ‘oui’. I just got here so I don’t know where the church is either and I haven’t got any cards yet. Soeur Bently (in her third transfer and the only one who was in Nice last transfer) is on the phone so I signal to her for the address. So anyway, we get chatting and she’s golden. We will be seeing her tomorrow!

It’s going to be strange living with three other sisters, plus we’re all so new on the mission, I’ve been out the longest so they’ll ask me questions and I’m just like, I don’t know, you could maybe do this….

I thought that I wouldn’t have too much of a rough start because I’d have an area book and things would be left for me just to pick up. I do have an area book but we only have two amis in it…in total! I feel like I’m opening an équipe rather than white washing. Please continue praying for me and praying that we will find people ready to be converted and baptised.

This week we’re going to work in Beau Soleil, let me tell you how we get there: You take the train for 20 mins then we walk through Monaco and it’s on the other side, watch out for the Grand Prix though because that’ll probably mean it’s a bit busy. I can’t believe where I get to serve, I’ve just been in these beautiful tourist spots! As much as this is hard work, I’d rather be doing hard work on the south coast of France than anywhere else.

Well, I think that’s it for the moment, as I said, I’ve only been in Nice for a couple of days so I don’t really know much about it at all. I hope that my blue is patient with me but I’m sure she will be, she’s a way better missionary than I was at this point. We were in Lyon for a few days with transfers and we were out street contacting and I had talked to a couple of people so I just turned to Soeur Loder and I was like ‘talk to this couple’ she says ‘what!?’ I said ‘talk to this couple’. She just opened her mouth and got out a sentence or two of French, they weren’t interested and walked away, as they did I said to her ‘wow, that was great, you just spoke to them’, she says ‘you told me to!’ …’yeah but I didn’t know if you were actually going to do it’.

I just had a little heart attack because our email place is now in some dodgy little muslim place and the computer just shut down randomly, but as you can see it’s saved.

Love you all so much. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Lots of Love from Soeur Hoar

p.s. Sarah (Parker) could you send me your email address? Or if you’re not reading this could someone else send it to me?

p.p.s. that’s crazy about Rachel’s call, that’ll make four English sisters by the end of the year. She couldn’t have been called to a better mission. (of course I’d say that). Oh also, plan on serving in Switzerland because president has taken all the Americans out of there for legal reasons and now I’m the only European missionary in France.

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“Your daughter extraordinaire with her new companion”

“Dear Missionary Family,

Here is a picture of your daughter extraordinaire with her new companion. Aren’t they wonderful?

Sister Loder’s trainer is Sister Hoar, and the address is:

Les Missionnaires/Sœurs
Sœur Loder or Hoar
143, Blvd de Cessole,
F-06100 NICE

Thank you,
Sister Jeppson”

Sister Hoar and Loder

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“BIG NEWS… I’m being transferred!”

Bonjour tout le monde

Thank you for the mail this week I loved reading them and keep it coming because it helps so much, it just means that my emails will be shorter. Plus I only have a little bit of time on the computer because I’m too much of a gypo to pay for an extra hour when I can only use 20 mins of it.

Big news this week: I’m being transferred! I’m being sent to Nice, yep the hottest place I could go right in time for summer…I’m going to burn or melt, whichever comes first. All the people here think I’m just going on holiday but it does make for a good come back tour after the mission. So that’s not all, in addition to changing villes I will also be whitewashing! eek! I’m only in my fourth transfer, don’t worry though because I’ll have a blue to help me out. That’s right I’m whitewashing and training! Prayers are needed and it’s going to be so fun seeing what the Lord can do with me here. Seriously though, the mission has just exploded, there are some sisters just training each other on their second transfer because there aren’t enough of us. I’m in Annecy until Wednesday and then I go to Lyon to pick up my blue and I think I’ll finally get to Nice on Friday. Any advice about either training or whitewashing would be gratefully received because honestly I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Well voila, that’s kind of the main thing that’s going on in my life right now.

My new address for Nice is
Soeur Hoar
143 Bd de Cessole
06000 Nice

I’m guessing that Dad didn’t send a letter this week because of transfers.
Really sorry this is so short but I love you all and will try give you a big update next week.

Lots of love
Soeur Hoar

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“France take their holidays really seriously”

“Bonjour tout le monde

I’m in Geneva right now and it’s taking forever to type because the keyboard is different. Watch out for all the extra spelling mistakes. Why, I hear you say, am I in Geneva? It was Stake Conference yesterday and our train to get back to Annecy was at 3 but as per usual we missed it, what wasn’t usual was that the next train just didn’t turn up…so owing to the fact that we need to be obedient and the next train got us back too late, it became sleepover with the English sisters. Now we’re having a bit of a joint pday with the Spanish sisters too. The cool thing about missing the train though was that we got to contact this really cool lady from the Paris Mission. She’s now got a Book of Mormon and we’re sending a referral to Paris. I feel like so often, in fact pretty much every day, we make these detailed plans and then the Lord just changes them to fit with his plans and where his elect are. We try to figure out what his plans are for us each night but I guess we haven’t got it down yet,

I just heard about the Welsh couple [friends with Dawn and Brian Herriott] coming in next transfer, so that’s really cool. You asked about the Paris Temple, but I don’t know any more news. I keep asking people but they don’t really know either.

I really don’t know what happened this week. Sorry that this email is pretty boring. I’m sure I was super busy all the time but I don’t know if I accomplished too much. Small and simple things I guess. Really though, I just looked through my planner and then was like; that’s not much help because I don’t think we did anything that we planned out to do this week.

French is doing ok, you know that part in the film ‘Best Two Years’ where the trainer tells his greenie that before you know it someone will ask you for directions in your mission language and without thinking about it you’ll just tell them like it’s natural; and then he does at the end of the film. That happened to me…after 3 transfers…it only took that missionary till the end of the 90min film…

So I love you all. I’ll try have something more interesting to write next week. Oh yeah, one thing I learnt this week is that France take their holidays really seriously.

Transfers are next week so that should be a bit more interesting; it also means that I don’t know when I’ll get to email.

Have a wonderful week; enjoy bank holiday.

Lots of love


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