Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“France take their holidays really seriously”

on 6 May 2013

“Bonjour tout le monde

I’m in Geneva right now and it’s taking forever to type because the keyboard is different. Watch out for all the extra spelling mistakes. Why, I hear you say, am I in Geneva? It was Stake Conference yesterday and our train to get back to Annecy was at 3 but as per usual we missed it, what wasn’t usual was that the next train just didn’t turn up…so owing to the fact that we need to be obedient and the next train got us back too late, it became sleepover with the English sisters. Now we’re having a bit of a joint pday with the Spanish sisters too. The cool thing about missing the train though was that we got to contact this really cool lady from the Paris Mission. She’s now got a Book of Mormon and we’re sending a referral to Paris. I feel like so often, in fact pretty much every day, we make these detailed plans and then the Lord just changes them to fit with his plans and where his elect are. We try to figure out what his plans are for us each night but I guess we haven’t got it down yet,

I just heard about the Welsh couple [friends with Dawn and Brian Herriott] coming in next transfer, so that’s really cool. You asked about the Paris Temple, but I don’t know any more news. I keep asking people but they don’t really know either.

I really don’t know what happened this week. Sorry that this email is pretty boring. I’m sure I was super busy all the time but I don’t know if I accomplished too much. Small and simple things I guess. Really though, I just looked through my planner and then was like; that’s not much help because I don’t think we did anything that we planned out to do this week.

French is doing ok, you know that part in the film ‘Best Two Years’ where the trainer tells his greenie that before you know it someone will ask you for directions in your mission language and without thinking about it you’ll just tell them like it’s natural; and then he does at the end of the film. That happened to me…after 3 transfers…it only took that missionary till the end of the 90min film…

So I love you all. I’ll try have something more interesting to write next week. Oh yeah, one thing I learnt this week is that France take their holidays really seriously.

Transfers are next week so that should be a bit more interesting; it also means that I don’t know when I’ll get to email.

Have a wonderful week; enjoy bank holiday.

Lots of love


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