Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

‘What er thou art, act well thy part’

on 27 May 2013
Bonjour à tous

I’ve had a thought about my name, it’s such a pain to pronounce to the French, it would be so much easier to use my first name. I’m at the point now though that if anyone called me by my first name it would be the most bizarre thing.

Anyway, that lady that contacted us on the bus, we got to teach her and set a baptismal date! She’s so great and the gospel is really going to change her life. We haven’t been able to see her since that first lesson so we really need your prayers (her name’s Sylvie). She is in such need of the gospel and I hope that nothing gets in the way of her progression.

I’ll be honest we’re having a bit of a tough time finding people to teach but this week we’ve got a lot of stuff to plan in with the members so it should take off soon. I’m so impatient, I feel like after a week we should have loads of people to teach now, we should know how to get around the ville, we should know all of the members etc but I realised the other day that this is a big task for me right now just to be changing areas, whitewashing and training. Those are three things that I’ve never done before and I should just concentrate on getting those things right because that’s what the Lords asked me to do. So often we want to do more than we’re capable of and that”s just not right. I was reading the conference talk by Elaine S Dalton this morning about ‘what’er thou art, act well thy part’ and it’s true. We take things step at a time and in the Lords way, in the Lords time but whatever the Lord has given us to do we just need to do our best, no more, no less. Ok, I’m done rambling, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking lately…ok so I’m always doing a lot of thinking….

I’m trying to think of some interesting stories but I don’t know if there’s any good ones for an email. I wish I could describe to you the baptism on Saturday because it was the best baptism ever. Picture a really big, intense black man baptising a tiny, fragile white man. Already the odds were not in favour but when he was baptised this brother shoved him in the water like he was trying to drown him, with such force that he and the front row of primary kids watching got soaked too. The best part was they had to do it twice, that poor man, we thought he was gonna throw up all the baptismal water he had swallowed.

My first Sunday the Bishop gave this really great talk about member missionary work and then invited everyone to invite the missionaries over for a FHE and to also invite a non-member friend. He then said if they didn’t have anyone to invite then get the missionaries to bring an investigator. Also, the assistant ward mission leader (yeah, this is a little bit different from Annecy) sends out a calendar to us each week (apparently, I haven’t seen it yet) with all the times that members are available to teach with us. So I guess he emails or talks to all the members at one point and they fill in when they’re free so that all we need to do is read the list then make the call. They’re also in the process of calling more ward missionaries so that there are enough for all missionaries to go on splits. Bear in mind there are 10 full time missionaries in this ward.
So, that’s been my week in a nutshell. Oh yeah, Beausoleil was fun, forgot to mention that. It was super weird taking off our tags to walk through Beausoleil. All we could see of the Grand Prix was the back of some stands by Monte Carlo…there are worse places to serve.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful week, love you all so much.

Lots of love

Soeur Hoar

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