Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Fast sunday sacrament bread… tasted like buttery croissants

on 3 June 2013

Hello everyone

I was trying to send pictures to you after a subtle hint from Megan but everytime I tried the internet just shut down.

One very good reason for loving serving in France: Fast sunday sacrament bread. It tasted like buttery croissants yesterday.

Oh, just to clear things up, everyone is allowed to email me now (except for men in my mission boundary).

So we have the best ami at the moment. We met Xavier street boarding for English class, he said he really wants to learn English because he wants to work in London and conveniently he’s also really interested in learning about the gospel. We set up a rdv for before English class on Thursday and he just soaked it all up. He loves it! Every commitment we extended he was just like Yeah, of course. So he came to church yesterday and then stayed for the ysa picnic and fireside. The YSA just swooped in and fellowshipped him so well. He was right in with them all and at the picnic he was just saying how happy he was and that he didn’t realise what a great day he’d have. He’s so sincerely searching for the truth and he told us in the lesson that it was not coincidence that he met us that day. We’re teaching him again tomorrow and we can’t wait to fix a baptism date. I’m hoping for the 22nd June because that would just be the best birthday present ever but don’t worry we’ll set the date that’s right for him not me…but hopefully that’s the same thing.

I am loving Nice, this ward continues to be so missionary work orientated. they keep plugging for FHE with members and amis and in the middle of the announcement in Relief Society people just start testifying of all the missionary experiences they’ve had and encouraging the members to work with us. Pray that I stay in this ward!!

I translated for the first time in church yesterday: it’s harder than it seems and that was with Bishop leaving breaks for me to catch up and I was only in young womens. They have someone translate every week for sacrament meeting using a microphone and headsets, I’ve heard that’s pretty solid. I won’t be asked anytime soon though, plus I’m giving a talk next Sunday.

Oh I almost forgot to mention Xavier’s friend: So Xavier just turns up to church with a friend we’ve never met and we’re thinking great he’s more golden than we gave him credit for. We waited for them after priesthood to show them where gospel principles class was and  Elder Uluave (district leader) comes up to me and is like wow Priesthood got a little heated today. My first reaction is oh no I hope our amis were ok, until I find out it’s Xavier’s friend Nicloas who caused all the arguments and then I got to witness it first hand in gospel principles where he starts a fight and ends up walking out of the class. As much as that’s not a good thing…it was pretty funny…you had to be there.

We had some of the most awkward contacting situations this week. We went to Beausoleil and tried to do some porting. Now in France it’s nearly all apartment buildings; they have doors that look like front doors to houses but actually you just open them up to a block of flats. So I just go and open this door thinking it’s a flat and it opens straight into this man eating dinner in his kitchen. We just shut the door and ran. Then we see this other house…that we realise is a house and I ring the bell without paying attention. As we’re waiting for them to open the door I notice this silver scroll holder to the right of the door and then Soeur Loder looks up and sees this paper with foreign script written on it and before we have time to react an Orthodox Jewish person opens the door complete with long beard and his son there in a yamaca (Soeur Loder just laughed as I asked her how to spell that; she doesn’t know either). I was stumped and I just ended up saying, ‘sorry, we thought you were christian’ then left.

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Thank you for all your prayers.

Soeur Hoar”

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