Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

New Missionary Announcement – Missionaries Go Digital

on 24 June 2013

In yesterdays special church broadcast many announcements were made about the future of missionary work, with an ever increasing army of missionaries. This will be re-broadcast in chapels across the UK this Sunday, 30th June, (unless you want to watch it online before then) but until then here are some of the highlights from Happy Valley’s media…

As missionaries enter this new age where they will use computers in the work of the Lord, we invite the young and the old, the adults, the young adults, the youth and the children everywhere to join with us in this exciting new work by becoming Facebook friends with the missionaries in your area on your own computers and sharing their gospel messages online and by becoming involved in missionary work yourselves.” Elder Perry said –  Deseret News

Speaking earlier in the day to new mission presidents, Church leaders said that missionary use of the Internet and digital devices such as iPads will begin in phases and only in designated missions for the rest of this year. The Church anticipates these tools will be available to missionaries throughout the world sometime next year.” – Mormon Newsroom

During less-productive times of the day—chiefly in the mornings—missionaries will use computers in meetinghouses and other Church facilities to contact investigators and members, work with local priesthood leaders and missionary leaders, receive and contact referrals, follow up on commitments, confirm appointments, and teach principles from [the missionary guide] Preach My Gospel using, Facebook, blogs, email, and text messages.” – LDS Church News

Facts and Figures

– as of this week, 70,274 missionaries are serving — the most ever at one time in Church history.

– Female missionaries comprise more than 20 percent of that number, with 14,650 serving.

58 new missions were created to accommodate the influx of missionaries, bringing the total number of missions to 405.

The church launched a website in conjunction with the broadcast to help local leaders and church members work together more effectively with the full-time missionaries in their areas. The site, titled “Hastening the Work of Salvation: A United Effort in Conversion, Retention and Activation,

Mission President's Seminar and Broadcast


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