Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014


Bonjour à tous!

This week has been soooo hot but today we finally got some rain and I’m so happy, me and Soeur Heitbreder must look like nutters as we’re smiling and singing in the rain but it’s like a bit of home here in suisse. I can’t believe the others are so close!!! [The Gratton and Hoar Families are on holiday in France]. I actually squealed a little bit when I read your email, that’s so close! I can’t believe that they were at the office too! Thank you so much for the package, transfers are next week…already, so if there are any changes I should get it then, if not I’ll just need to wait a few weeks.

You’re right about needing to eat better, I eat rubbish here in Suisse because it’s so expensive and I’ve got a million other things on my mind but don’t worry, I’ll get better, I don’t need more money, I just need to be a bit wiser.

We had some fun with contacting this week, our zone had a game of bingo. After every 20 people we spoke to we had to call up the zone leaders and shout bingo. Then there were other points for doing special tasks like reciting the first vision or fixing rdvs. My favourite was the extra points for being creative in the way we called in bingo, our équipe got the points for that: our best one was when we went up to a bunch of kids on a school trip and got them to shout bingo down the phone for us. Missionary work…it’s just so hard!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the transfer already, this is going so quick, by the end of the week I’ll be half way through!
We had planned to go to the lake today but since it’s raining we’re all just at the chapel now and we’re gonna play some board games and play piano and ukelele.
I really don’t think much of interest has happened this week…sorry.
Thank you all for emails and especially thank you Jade and Leigh, I got the package this morning so thank you so much, I love the scarf, I’m wearing it now 🙂
Love you all so much, have a wonderful week…still in shock that the others are so close!

Soeur Hoar

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‘Hearing amis pray for the first time..LOVE IT!’


It’s safe to say that I’ve changed on the mission, I’m seeing little things each day that make me realise I’ve progressed. For example, yesterday we had a dinner appointment after church and I voluntarily tried horse, it was actually really good.
Then today Soeur Heitbreder needed to go shopping for a bit and afterwards we went to play football and when we arrived I just thought, wow I’m glad I’m here now, football is way better than shopping. So Dad, I’m learning 🙂

We are teaching this really cool guy called Vincent at the moment. He’s really not sure if God exists but he feels like there’s something there and he’s so sincere in his desire to find the truth: He prayed for the first time with us on Saturday and that has to be one of the highlights of the mission: hearing amis pray for the first time..LOVE IT!

I’m getting to know the members better now and that makes such a huge difference, we really have some lovely members here. One of my favourite families is the Nyenhaus family who are from Holland and they’re just some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, they really look after us too: I had to go to the doctor’s the other day (don’t worry nothing serious) and I called her up to ask where I could go and then when we saw her that evening for a teaching appointment she said she had been worrying about me the whole day:

Ok, I don’t think there’s much else gone on this week that’s worth writing about, after eating horse I mean what else beats that?

I love you all

Love Soeur Hoar”

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“So, Switzerland…it’s not France”

“Bojour à tous!

Sorry for the last couple of weeks and sorry for today because I don’t have much time to write. We just got back to the chapel after playing football and frisbee with the other sisters and the zone leaders. It was so good to just have some fun like that, the amount of pdays I’ve wasted by having a nap or something. It’s also great to spend some time with Soeur Hooker and have some British jokes: Last week for pday we went to a lake and park and me and Soeur Hooker found the kids park and made ourselves nearly sick on the roundabout.

So, Switzerland…it’s not France. It’s different and it’s taken me a while to get used to it but now I love it, the people mainly: It’s strange that every new area you go into you have to find a slightly different way to contact people, the culture is just not the same and I’m starting to understand them a bit better. For the first couple of weeks I kept asking people where they were from because I found their accent so weird, only to find out they were Swiss. I stopped asking.

The ward is great, most of the members are pretty old which is a big change from Nice where they had a big YSA base but I love it all the same.

Had a cool experience the other day: I was on the metro and felt impressed to talk to this guy sitting a bit far a way from me so I went over only to find that he’s from Birmingham! It was so great to hear a bit of home and I was able to get his number and I’m going to call tonight to set up a rdv: He said his mum will be happy to know he’s going to a church: His name is Kevin, so watch out for the miracles that proceed.

We had a really tough day this week, so tough that the only thing I could do was just to laugh and laugh and laugh: People are never usually mean to me, they say no, but they’re just normal but this day I met some super mean people, then we went and did service for an inactive lady: Honestly I didn’t know that people like her actually existed, she was just so rude, cauaght up in the rich and vain things of the world and the day just continued like that, just mean people but at the end of the day I just felt good: I felt like I had just seen a slight glimpse of how the Saviour felt as the people he loved and sacrificed everything for just tortured Him: I love my Saviour and I am so grateful for these little moments where I can catch a glimpse of what he did and get to know Him better:

I’m going to try attaching a few photos from last week but we’ll see…

Love Soeur Hoar”

'Brits' picture from Zone conference

‘Brits’ picture from Zone conference

A bit of porting

A bit of porting

Zone Leaders

Zone Leaders

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Your Daughters New Companion

Dear Missionary Family,

Here is a picture of your daughter extraordinaire. Aren’t they wonderful?

Sister Heitbreders trainer is Sister Hoar, and their address is:

La Mission Française de Lyon
Sœur Heitbreder et Hoar
4, Chemin du Clos
CH-1020 Renens VD

Thank you,
Sister Jeppson

New Blue

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