Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“So, Switzerland…it’s not France”

on 15 July 2013

“Bojour à tous!

Sorry for the last couple of weeks and sorry for today because I don’t have much time to write. We just got back to the chapel after playing football and frisbee with the other sisters and the zone leaders. It was so good to just have some fun like that, the amount of pdays I’ve wasted by having a nap or something. It’s also great to spend some time with Soeur Hooker and have some British jokes: Last week for pday we went to a lake and park and me and Soeur Hooker found the kids park and made ourselves nearly sick on the roundabout.

So, Switzerland…it’s not France. It’s different and it’s taken me a while to get used to it but now I love it, the people mainly: It’s strange that every new area you go into you have to find a slightly different way to contact people, the culture is just not the same and I’m starting to understand them a bit better. For the first couple of weeks I kept asking people where they were from because I found their accent so weird, only to find out they were Swiss. I stopped asking.

The ward is great, most of the members are pretty old which is a big change from Nice where they had a big YSA base but I love it all the same.

Had a cool experience the other day: I was on the metro and felt impressed to talk to this guy sitting a bit far a way from me so I went over only to find that he’s from Birmingham! It was so great to hear a bit of home and I was able to get his number and I’m going to call tonight to set up a rdv: He said his mum will be happy to know he’s going to a church: His name is Kevin, so watch out for the miracles that proceed.

We had a really tough day this week, so tough that the only thing I could do was just to laugh and laugh and laugh: People are never usually mean to me, they say no, but they’re just normal but this day I met some super mean people, then we went and did service for an inactive lady: Honestly I didn’t know that people like her actually existed, she was just so rude, cauaght up in the rich and vain things of the world and the day just continued like that, just mean people but at the end of the day I just felt good: I felt like I had just seen a slight glimpse of how the Saviour felt as the people he loved and sacrificed everything for just tortured Him: I love my Saviour and I am so grateful for these little moments where I can catch a glimpse of what he did and get to know Him better:

I’m going to try attaching a few photos from last week but we’ll see…

Love Soeur Hoar”

'Brits' picture from Zone conference

‘Brits’ picture from Zone conference

A bit of porting

A bit of porting

Zone Leaders

Zone Leaders

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