Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“I don’t have much time this week…”

on 13 August 2013


Really sorry I don’t have much time this week because we’re in some dodgy little internet café again and this computer looks like the ones we used in primary school and half the letters on the keyboard don’t work…seriously though I was learning patience on the mission but this computer is a whole different test.

Anyway, what happened this week? We found out that Nelisa is actually in Renens secteur not Lausanne so it’s Soeur Hooker and her new companion who have a baptism this Saturday (yes, she stayed). But that’s ok, I’ll just get permission off of president to go to it, I mean, we don’t even live in our secteur it should be ok.

We had blue’s conference for Soeur Heitbreder this Friday although we thought it was next Tuesday but sadly the info didn’t get passed on to us…7.20 Friday morning and I hear my colleague on the phone saying ‘we live quite close to the gare…’ It was the elders asking if we were close to the gare. So long story short we missed half of the conference but it was good anyway. I impressed myself by translating into french for a Tahitian sister. I don’t think I did a good job but I didn’t realise I could do that at all.

I love you all so much, sorry it’s short but this keyboard is really doing my head in. But I’m very happy otherwise 🙂

Love Soeur Hoar

p.s. could you please ask Jade and Leigh’s for their email address please”

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