Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“It was Nelisa’s baptism on Saturday”

on 28 August 2013


It was Nelisa’s baptism on Saturday and yes of course we got to go, all went well. She was so nervous about being in front of everyone so I was so glad it was a success on the first dunking 🙂 Now I just hope she gets well integrated with the Renens ward but I think it’ll all be fine since there was loads of support there and most people didn’t even know about the baptism until the day before.
I’m trying to eat better but honestly it is so hard when you’ve got so much on your mind and so little time to eat but my companion is helping, she loves everything to do with health.

If you were to look at the numbers we had this week you’d think we were doing rubbish, the last couple of weeks we’ve barely taught and people just aren’t progressing. I think I told you about Vincent? Well, we hoped he would be our baptism this transfer but he decided yesterday that he would drop us after we didn’t respond to his text about going on a ride of his motorbike this Monday. We were worried that he was taking the lessons for the wrong reason (my companion is a beautiful skinny, blue eyed blonde) and I think he finally got that we were not there to date him but at the same time we KNOW he was touched by the spirit and that this is exactly what he’s searching for. I know at some point he will get baptised, it doesn’t look like we’ll be around when that happens but I know it will happen, he knows too much and has felt too much to refuse it.


Anyway, onto a brighter note: you need to pray for our lesson tonight because we’re going to be teaching this family for the first time. We’ve set up a couple of rdvs before with this really great guy we met near the church, he’s married with kids and he’s got family who are members in…somewhere in south America I can’t remember. He didn’t show up because of work to the others but each time we call he sounds so apologetic and sets up another rdv, the difference with this one is that we’ve got his address and it’s not like we’re not gonna turn up. If he’s not there I bet his wife will be. Anyway, I had an impression that we can have two baptisms this transfer and I’m hoping that they will be this couple so please pray for them.


I love you all so much, have a wonderful week

Love from Soeur Hoar”

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