Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

So Renens is a miracle ville


It’d be nice to think that after about 10 months of serving in French I’d be able to put more than ‘bonjour’ but nope, that’s as good as it gets 🙂
So Renens is miracle ville. Honestly it’s amazing. I love these members so much, usually it’s the missionaries who greet everyone and make them feel better and brighten their day (in the mission we call it SPARKing) and they totally just all sparked me. They greeted me so warmly and my companion says it’s probably because most of them are Italian but I think she’s a bit biased. I’ll just give you a taste of one of our best days.

This is Friday: we passed by the second member who asked for a Book of Mormon the day before and arranged plans to share the gospel with her psychiatrist. We then have an amazing lesson with our new amie who we fixed a baptismal date the first lesson because she is so incredibly prepared. Then just before planning we get a text from another member asking us when we can eat at his house and share a lesson with his friend…one text later: can he bring two friends? Then we’re trying to finish planning and we can’t because there’s another member on the phone wondering when we can pass by with a Romanian and French Book of Mormon for his friend (we’re not quite Sister Myers, we answer the phone during nightly planning).

Let me tell you just a bit more about our incredibly prepared amie. Her name is Nathalie and the Lausanne Elders contacted her the other week and then found out she lives in Renens secteur so passed on her info to us. The first lesson we had was maybe my favourite of my whole misson. She was just understanding everything so well. She’s visited so many churches and tried her best to just take the good and leave the things that she believes have been changed by man. She saw the need for a prophet and it all just clicked with her. When we explained how to recognise the spirit we felt prompted to ask her if she’s ever received answers to her prayers before. She took her time answering this and the next question and I was tempted to interrupt but I was restrained. She said that she had but that the answer did not come straight away but took a lot of time. She said in effect, that she has been praying for years that she can find out why she’s on the earth. She said she’s not just here by coincidence and she wants to know what her purpose is and more than that she wants to know how she can fulfill it. We look at her and she’s got tears in her eyes and we’re trying not to cry too. We tell her that this is what she’s been searching for and she says nothing because she knows, and we know she knows because the spirit was just overwhelming. I just asked her how she felt and she paused and said, ‘happy…relieved’. She said that she’s had this weight on her for so long and it feels like it’s finally being lifted. She said that as she’s been praying and searching recently that she’s felt like she was close, nearly there. We told her again that she had found it. It was incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my life. We then had another wonderful lesson with her about the plan of salvation and then unfortunately she wasn’t there for our next rdv so please please please pray for this wonderful woman.

Ok, I guess that was more than just ‘a bit’, but it’s one of the best things that’s happened here so it deserves a bit of time.

Me and Soeur Buonanotte are having such a good time here. There’s a family, the Jaquet’s, and they have us over for dinner each week and being with them is like being home. They just joke about and I’m so glad that my french is good enough to joke about with them too and hold my own when they tried to make fun of the English and how they drink tea and beer. I just said, yep, it’s all true, the word of wisdom is a bit different in England, it’s like the law of Moses, you’ve just got to go a bit more gently with us. Apparently they usually pick on the new missionary but to Soeur Buonanotte’s horror they turned right back to her once I was holding my own. I should probably back up my companion a bit more but it’s really funny when frère Jaquet holds her hands behind her back and says ‘go on, try talk’ and she can’t, Like I said, she’s typical Italian and I love her to pieces!

So that’s my week in a nutshell, plus the sad news that the Dutch sister went home due to stress. Oh yeah, can’t believe I didn’t mention the baptism. Probably because all just went well, he got it in the first dunk and everything. We’re actually going over to their house tonight to do a bit of a FHE and then service because they’re moving house.

Have a wonderful week. Thank you for your prayers.

Love Soeur Hoar”

The Lausanne Young Women

The Lausanne Young Women

Soeur Thebault - love her!

Soeur Thebault – love her!

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“You’re going to Renens… I live in Renens??”


So, as much as I was gutted that I would be transfered I was getting myself all ready this week for the next big adventure, planning in time to pack and making sure that Soeur Heitbreder had all the information she needed. Then calls come…you’re going to Renens. I live in Renens. But as it turns out Renes ward are getting rid of their Hooker and calling for a Hoar so here I am…or still am. It was a difficult move with needing to move all my books to the other side of the room but after many minutes I finally managed it. All in all I’m happy because I know that I will love this ward just as much as Lausanne and we are having a baptism this sunday so it’s a good start. I already knew my companion obviously but I’ll tell you a bit about her. Soeur Buonanotte, Italian, from Sicily. She is typical italian and is full of energy and personality so it’s going to be a really fun transfer. Soeur Heitbreder is companions with Soeur Eshbach and Soeur Arts who are German and Dutch. Five sisters in one appartment with one bathroom. This is going to be interesting.

Something I learnt this week is that I never want my companion to be sick again. Partly for her own well being but mainly because a day spent inside is the most boring day you could ever spend on your misson, I was going insane but at least now we have a very up to date area book.

So again to make it clear with post: keep sending it to the same address, I’m still living there.

We’ve been teaching this really great guy, Steven, who’s from Ghana and he’s so sincere and we commited him to be baptised for the 12th October and I’m so excited to see what will happen with him, even though I won’t get to teach him anymore at least I’ll still be able to stay updated with the other sisters.

 Saying goodbye to the members was really hard but it’s great because they’re still all so close and we have general conference in a couple of weeks (six months have flown by!) and so I’ll be going back to Lausanne to watch that, in English again too! So I’ll get to see them for that and I think stake conference is coming up aswell.

So I guess the big news is just transfers this week, sorry it’s a bit boring but my mind won’t go back to much else that happened. So I love you all, I’ll see if I can succeed in sending pictures this week but as always I make no promises.

Je vous aime!!!

Soeur Hoar”

Soeur Heitbreder being stolen from me to go to her polisher

Soeur Heitbreder being stolen from me to go to her polisher

this is soeur Hooker handing off her companion Soeur Buonanotte to me :)

this is soeur Hooker handing off her companion Soeur Buonanotte to me 🙂

one of my favourite families

one of my favourite families

Lausanne missionaries and william in the middle

Lausanne missionaries and william in the middle

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Michelle is moving, again… but don’t tell anyone

“Bonjour Ă  tous!

Thank you so much for your letters this week. Actually, some were really inspired in more ways than I realised this morning. I shared them with my companion and another missionary and then I got a phone call off a member of the ward with some difficulties regarding a recent convert who needs financial aid and it all just was so clear that there was only one solution and that is to act how Christ would and to love and care for those in need and thankfully this sister sees it the same way, we just have to help others to gain the right perspective. We can’t force it on people but we can show them Christlike love and hope for the best.

So I got a call yesterday morning from a sister in Geneva telling me that president called her yesterday to give her her transfer call because she has a bit of a special case that he needed to explain to her a week early because it will be the assistants calling on Friday and not him. She’s going to be getting a sister who wants to go home and she will be in a trio with Soeur Heitbreder in Lausanne. So where dos that leave me? She thought it was a good idea to call me up to let me know she would be replacing me. I don’t think she was meant to tell me, well I know she wasn’t but she thought she was so now I’m in a really odd situation where I know I’m going but I can’t tell anyone…unless this goes on the blog and then I guess the whole world knows…ah well. So basically, I’m heartbroken, I love this place so much and I love my companion and just everything about the ward and the people here. I know I’ve just got to keep working in Lausanne like I’m always going to stay here but it’s a bit unsettling. I know that wherever I’m going will be wonderful too and the Lord has this all under control. I wrote to President this week that this is the Lords work and that we have success the way He wants it and not the way we want it. It’s a really good job that it’s that way because the Lord sets his sights a lot higher than ours and that if we got just what we wanted we would be really gypped! So stay tuned next week for where I’ll be spending the next chapter of of my little adventure.

Me and Soeur Heitbreder have learnt a lot this transfer, especially how to get Mangez-vous. Seriously, at the beginning of my mission, we barely ever ate at member’s houses, now if there isn’t one on the sign-up sheet we talk to the members and get one anyway. The elders are getting a bit jealous I think.

We had a really funny mangez-vous this week. We went to the Passeraub family and afterwards we did service, the Elders did some really hard garden work and we washed windows. It was really funny because over dinner we found out that Frere Passeaub likes to sing and my companion is musical too so we were chatting for about 10 mins about clasical music and our favourite pianos and composers and finally Elder Sorhaitz, after being silent the whole time, just turns to Elder Taua and is like ‘do you know who Taylor Swift is?’ and then Elder Taua goes ‘yeah, but I prefer listening to Jack Johnson and guitar music like that’. I was creasing it.

We had a lot of rendez-vous this week but we had members for each of them so we ended up teaching a lot of member lessons which was nice.

Thank you for your prayers, could you pray for President Roney and his family this week please because they just lost their baby grandson at just one week old.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love you so much!

Soeur Hoar”

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“I don’t know if she appreciated the compliment”


For some reason the ward only just found out that I play the piano so now I’m just called in as back up from time to time but this ward picks the weirdest hymns so my sight reading has been put to the test.

There was an American sister visiting in Relief Society this week and I offered to translate for her. I don’t know if it made much sense because when it comes to gospel terms I have a really hard time remembering the English and recently my grammar has been really french. I stay stuff like ‘that make’s two months that I’ve been in Switzerland’ I just wish my french would improve at the same pace that my English deteriorates. It’s weird but it’s actually easier translating into french although I’m not sure the Tahitian sister I translated for the other week would agree…

We have a new amie with a baptism date, woo! We’ve actually only taught her once but she’s great. We actually need to change the baptism date because I was caught of guard when I felt I should set a date with her in the lesson so my companion was just like ‘the 21st’, I said sure and so did Kome (our amie) but it’s actually too soon. She’s Nigerian and it’s really funny because she says that the weather here is really fresh and sometimes cold while I’m melting because of the heat and it made me think of how Noel was always cold, actually I don’t know if he still is and just doesn’t say anything anymore. By the way Noel, I often use you to find a way in with contacting Africans.

I don’t know how much I told you about our ami Vincent? Anyway, he’s now a former ami since he declared his love for my companion. I mean we always knew he liked her but we also thought he was interested in the gospel and were going to pass him to the Elders but there we are. He knows the rules and the fact that my companion is engaged, wearing the ring and all but he still thought it would be a good idea to ask her out for dinner yesterday. Anyway, I’m just really glad that I don’t have that problem: me as a sister missionary is fortunately not an attractive sight.

I just love these members more and more each week. We went to see the famille Dagostino this week and they are so lovely and work so hard for this ward. They live in Vevey which used to be a branch but then it got split and put into two wards and now this couple are like the only active members there so they just look after, visit and write to all the less active members in their former branch. So me and Soeur Heitbreder are going to be going over there more often to build up Vevey branch again. It’s so pretty there too and we’ve already seen the future missionary apartment.

We went porting for the first time in Lausanne, my poor little blue had never done it before. She didn’t get a great first experience, we got literally pushed out an apartment block by an old lady with very strong hands for her age, but she was wearing a really nice shade of blue which suited her very well…I don’t know if she appreciated the compliment.

We had zone conference and interviews with president, that was fun, don’t really know what else to say about that except that our relief society made a really great meal for us afterwards. I remember our DMP in Annecy saying that when missionaries get set apart they also set their stomachs apart too and it’s so true. Since when was I so bothered about food?

Anyway, I love you all so much.
Lots of love
Soeur Hoar”

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