Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“I don’t know if she appreciated the compliment”

on 2 September 2013


For some reason the ward only just found out that I play the piano so now I’m just called in as back up from time to time but this ward picks the weirdest hymns so my sight reading has been put to the test.

There was an American sister visiting in Relief Society this week and I offered to translate for her. I don’t know if it made much sense because when it comes to gospel terms I have a really hard time remembering the English and recently my grammar has been really french. I stay stuff like ‘that make’s two months that I’ve been in Switzerland’ I just wish my french would improve at the same pace that my English deteriorates. It’s weird but it’s actually easier translating into french although I’m not sure the Tahitian sister I translated for the other week would agree…

We have a new amie with a baptism date, woo! We’ve actually only taught her once but she’s great. We actually need to change the baptism date because I was caught of guard when I felt I should set a date with her in the lesson so my companion was just like ‘the 21st’, I said sure and so did Kome (our amie) but it’s actually too soon. She’s Nigerian and it’s really funny because she says that the weather here is really fresh and sometimes cold while I’m melting because of the heat and it made me think of how Noel was always cold, actually I don’t know if he still is and just doesn’t say anything anymore. By the way Noel, I often use you to find a way in with contacting Africans.

I don’t know how much I told you about our ami Vincent? Anyway, he’s now a former ami since he declared his love for my companion. I mean we always knew he liked her but we also thought he was interested in the gospel and were going to pass him to the Elders but there we are. He knows the rules and the fact that my companion is engaged, wearing the ring and all but he still thought it would be a good idea to ask her out for dinner yesterday. Anyway, I’m just really glad that I don’t have that problem: me as a sister missionary is fortunately not an attractive sight.

I just love these members more and more each week. We went to see the famille Dagostino this week and they are so lovely and work so hard for this ward. They live in Vevey which used to be a branch but then it got split and put into two wards and now this couple are like the only active members there so they just look after, visit and write to all the less active members in their former branch. So me and Soeur Heitbreder are going to be going over there more often to build up Vevey branch again. It’s so pretty there too and we’ve already seen the future missionary apartment.

We went porting for the first time in Lausanne, my poor little blue had never done it before. She didn’t get a great first experience, we got literally pushed out an apartment block by an old lady with very strong hands for her age, but she was wearing a really nice shade of blue which suited her very well…I don’t know if she appreciated the compliment.

We had zone conference and interviews with president, that was fun, don’t really know what else to say about that except that our relief society made a really great meal for us afterwards. I remember our DMP in Annecy saying that when missionaries get set apart they also set their stomachs apart too and it’s so true. Since when was I so bothered about food?

Anyway, I love you all so much.
Lots of love
Soeur Hoar”

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