Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Michelle is moving, again… but don’t tell anyone

on 11 September 2013

“Bonjour à tous!

Thank you so much for your letters this week. Actually, some were really inspired in more ways than I realised this morning. I shared them with my companion and another missionary and then I got a phone call off a member of the ward with some difficulties regarding a recent convert who needs financial aid and it all just was so clear that there was only one solution and that is to act how Christ would and to love and care for those in need and thankfully this sister sees it the same way, we just have to help others to gain the right perspective. We can’t force it on people but we can show them Christlike love and hope for the best.

So I got a call yesterday morning from a sister in Geneva telling me that president called her yesterday to give her her transfer call because she has a bit of a special case that he needed to explain to her a week early because it will be the assistants calling on Friday and not him. She’s going to be getting a sister who wants to go home and she will be in a trio with Soeur Heitbreder in Lausanne. So where dos that leave me? She thought it was a good idea to call me up to let me know she would be replacing me. I don’t think she was meant to tell me, well I know she wasn’t but she thought she was so now I’m in a really odd situation where I know I’m going but I can’t tell anyone…unless this goes on the blog and then I guess the whole world knows…ah well. So basically, I’m heartbroken, I love this place so much and I love my companion and just everything about the ward and the people here. I know I’ve just got to keep working in Lausanne like I’m always going to stay here but it’s a bit unsettling. I know that wherever I’m going will be wonderful too and the Lord has this all under control. I wrote to President this week that this is the Lords work and that we have success the way He wants it and not the way we want it. It’s a really good job that it’s that way because the Lord sets his sights a lot higher than ours and that if we got just what we wanted we would be really gypped! So stay tuned next week for where I’ll be spending the next chapter of of my little adventure.

Me and Soeur Heitbreder have learnt a lot this transfer, especially how to get Mangez-vous. Seriously, at the beginning of my mission, we barely ever ate at member’s houses, now if there isn’t one on the sign-up sheet we talk to the members and get one anyway. The elders are getting a bit jealous I think.

We had a really funny mangez-vous this week. We went to the Passeraub family and afterwards we did service, the Elders did some really hard garden work and we washed windows. It was really funny because over dinner we found out that Frere Passeaub likes to sing and my companion is musical too so we were chatting for about 10 mins about clasical music and our favourite pianos and composers and finally Elder Sorhaitz, after being silent the whole time, just turns to Elder Taua and is like ‘do you know who Taylor Swift is?’ and then Elder Taua goes ‘yeah, but I prefer listening to Jack Johnson and guitar music like that’. I was creasing it.

We had a lot of rendez-vous this week but we had members for each of them so we ended up teaching a lot of member lessons which was nice.

Thank you for your prayers, could you pray for President Roney and his family this week please because they just lost their baby grandson at just one week old.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Love you so much!

Soeur Hoar”

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