Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“People eat conkers?”

on 2 October 2013


We went to Holy Cow today which is way to expensive on a missionary budget but it was great to go. They just do burgers and chips but it’s posh Swiss style and by that I mean I had a chicken burger with Camembert and cranberry sauce…who else does that!?

Soeur Hooker (cannot call people by their first names anymore it’s way too weird. In fact, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to address your letters to Soeur Hoar because honestly I barely recognise my first name anymore) went to Geneva, the English speaking ward.

It’s nuts that Rachel…Soeur Bridgwater will be in the field in just a few weeks. It seems crazy because I remember Anneka telling me about it when I was in Nice and then she was like but at that point you’ll have done a year and will be coming home soon…that’s next transfer! What!?

What has happened this week? I sometimes note down things in my planner to remind me what to tell you and I just had a look and the only thing I noted was ‘conkers in migros’. Which means I just thought it was hilarious this week that when we went shopping in Migros (equivalent to Tesco) they were selling conkers in the fruit and veg section. People eat conkers? I then remembered the trouble we had a couple of transfers ago trying to explain to Soeur Hooker’s Tahitian companion how to play conkers. She thought it was odd. I thought selling them was odd and that if I’d known about that little business when I was 7 then I could’ve made a killing with Tesco carrier bags full of the things. Anyway, as you can see throughout my mission I have really matured both mentally and spiritually, aren’t you so proud Mum?

Me and Soeur Buonanotte have also just discovered what we’re going to be doing each p-day now. She has an incredible voice and so we spent an hour, me playing, her singing. Bliss.

We had some little miracles doing some porting this week. I’ve personally never had any success doing porting during the mission but as I’ve said before, Renens is miracle ville. We actually had a tombez-vous and we were with a member so we decided to go port the building next door. Miracle number 1: usually it’s nearly impossible to port in suisse because they all have codes on the doors but this one we just got straight in. Then we had two people interested. The second one was just as we were leaving and a lady was getting into the lift so Soeur Buonanotte turned back round and asked her if she wanted to know more about Jesus Christ and she said yes and gave us her number. It was really great doing it with a member too. I’ve never asked them to just come out and do contacting with us and it was a really cool experience, especially as she’d like to serve a mission too.

We don’t really have many amis right now and the one’s we do have want to drop us but right now we’re not letting them…but we’ll see how things pan out this week. To be honest, when I came in there were loads of names of people they were teaching but none of them were really progressing so all we’ve done is just transfered our efforts to finding than to calling up the people who don’t answer. Anyway, we’re expecting some miracles this week and to find some wonderfully prepared people. I’m not giving up on Nathalie just yet either.

Thank you for your prayers and letters. Especially Sister Derham this week you don’t know how much that helped me. It was really lovely all that you said and it boosted me when I was having a rough day so thank you.

Love you all heaps
Love Soeur Hoar”

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