Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

A crumpet sandwich with egg and ham

on 26 October 2013


Thank you so much for the crumpets, everyone loved them and can now stop hassling me about what a crumpet is. I didn’t expect you to send so many too which was great and the chocolate too was lovely surprise. I gave some crumpets that were left over to the zone leaders to take home and then I get a text the next day saying that one of the elders had been eating a crumpet sandwich with egg and ham and is this allowed?…I didn’t reply.

So for this week we had another exchange and I was with Soeur Jones who said to me ‘I hope that this doesn’t sound creepy but I read your blog before I came on my mission’. It was a bit strange but there we go. We had a good exchange though and had a wonderful lesson with a new amie. It’s a really cool story actually. So Tuesday, we were contacting around the gare and we see a Chinese girl who’s really struggling with some bags and when we offer to help she gladly accepts. As we’re walking she is really excited to find out that we’re Christian and that we’re missionaries. She told us that she’s been going to bible study classes here in Switzerland (she moved from China a couple of months ago) because she likes the Bible and is Christian but doesn’t know much about it and wants to learn more. Well…I was just bursting to tell her what we do. She was so happy and we quickly exchanged numbers. She then got all emotional and said that she has been going through a hard time recently and she had been praying that someone would come and help her and then we came along. It was such a wonderful feeling to have been an instrument in the Lord’s hands and what’s really cool is that it was her faith that brought us there. We taught her on Friday during the exchange and she is so humble and receptive. After we shared the first vision we asked her how she was feeling and she said ‘I feel powerful, really good and warm’ the spirit was so strong and she really opened up to us and shared some things that I can’t write in an email but we were able to testify that the Atonement can heal her and a bit about the Plan of Salvation that I can’t wait to teach her this week. You know how we’re taught to be humble as little children? This is Juan, she is the perfect example of teachable and being childlike. I love her so much already.

We had district meeting too this week and it was all about planning and using the area book. From what Elder Marson (district leader from Manchester) was saying, it made me really grateful to be a sister because the Elders area books sound like horror stories. He was like, I only found out that there was a ‘potential investigators’ section in my last transfer. He’s only one transfer younger than me. In conference the other week they told us that we needed to sort out our area books because everyone is getting white washed next transfer, although I know that’s not true me and Soeur Buonanotte said that we wouldn’t be surprised if it happened to Renens. I always thought that you got white washed if you were doing a really bad job but I think here President just likes to have a bit of fun and change things up a bit.

So transfers are next week already and I have no idea what’s going to happen, whether Renens will be another Nice and I just get the one transfer or whether I’m here for the long run. I’ll be happy as long as I’m not sister trainer leader. I really just want to be training again but just one blue. You never know I could be training Rachel Bridgewater!

Tonight we will be teaching the husband of a member (Cedric). We’re doing a FHE with them and they’re such a lovely family with two young children. Their eldest is the same age as Emily and they actually really remind me of Anneka and Michael and their family, honestly I get a bit homesick when we go over. This family needs to be eternal! So please pray for us tonight that Cedric will feel the spirit and want to follow Christ and His teachings.

Another email question I forgot to answer, my companion and I do speak English together. Our French is at about the same level even though she’s three transfers younger than me but she’s really got a talent for languages. We often fix the goal to just speak in French but it’s harder than it seems. You just forget. I’m hoping at some point to get a French speaking companion because me French really isn’t where I want it to be. I guess that’s my own fault but I am trying.

So, have a wonderful week. I love you all tonnes!

Love Soeur Hoar”

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