Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Moving on to Geneva

on 28 October 2013


So the transfer news: a little bit more exciting than last transfer, I actually had to pack my bags this time (everyone really surprised that I only have one suitcase and a rucksack) anyway, I’m now in Geneva and not only that but I’m in the English ward! I thought I was all calm on the phone because we were actually in a lesson with Juan at the time but Soeur Buonanotte said that I said to President ‘are you kidding me!?’ so I guess it came as a bit of a shock. My companion Soeur Ziane is French [see last week’s letter, final paragraph…] so hopefully I can continue to learn French…hopefully. It’s funny because I’m going to be replacing Soeur Hooker again but this is the only ward in the mission that will appreciate how funny that is. I’ve been debating how inappropriate it would be to make a joke in my first testimony…pretty inappropriate.

Anyway, it’s going to be super weird doing everything in English but I had a bit of practice at least with Juan. Also, we went to eat at an American family’s house yesterday and they asked me to give the prayer and it was so hard in English, I was so slow and slipping in the occasional French word. I don’t want to give the wrong impression, in conversation I hardly have any problems with English but anything to do with the gospel is hard. I’ve not taught in English much and contacting people is hard too but it’ll be a good experience, I mean, the rest of my life will be in English so I better learn. I remember all the times when I thought of all the things I would do if I could speak English and now I have to prove myself but to be honest although I’m not fluent, there isn’t really anything I can do in English that I can’t do in French.

Anyway, I’ll give you my new address:
Les Missionaires
17 chemin de l’ecu
1219 chatelaine

Happy writing! 🙂

I just found out some shocking information the other day. They gave us a transfer calendar that also has the dying transfer of each missionary (when we finish) and I only have four more transfers left! What the heck! I got gypped. [Michelle comes home 14th April 2014] It gave me another boost to step up the level. I’m so ready to work hard here. It was really hard to give it my all in the last transfer when your companion’s idea of working hard is different to your own but I’ve heard that Soeur Ziane is a hard worker so I’m excited to hit the pavement.

Our apartment is going to be really fun. I’m going to be living with Soeur Crowley (from Sheffield) and Soeur Sovaleni (she was in Renens when I was in Lausanne) So we’re gonna have a great time, they’re really lovely sisters and we’ll hopefully be speaking French in the apartment since Soeur Sovaleni doesn’t speak English and I really need to be speaking as much French as I can if I’m in English ward. Can you tell I’m a bit worried about not learning French. But really I know it will all work out because the Lord wouldn’t send me to an area to fail. That’s one thing I love about the mission, how you can be so sure that you are always exactly where the Lord wants you, with the right people doing the right thing because it’s not you who decides. You put yourself into the hands of the Lord and let him do the hard work. Our part is really simple in life actually, I don’t know why it’s so hard to execute but the principle is so easy. Just obey, do what you’re supposed to and then you’re safe, you’ve done it. God designed this plan, worked out all the details, created it all and put it into effect, we just have to choose to follow.

This week we had district meeting and afterwards we always eat as a zone and this week Elder Taua decided to prepare a Tahitian dish…raw fish. I kid you not. raw fish. I was so scared, I’ve only jut learnt how to eat cooked fish on my mission. But this is a big demonstration of how much I’ve changed. Not only did I eat it all but I actually liked it and would’ve gone back for seconds if it wasn’t all gone. I remember how scared I was for dinner appointments on my mission and now it doesn’t phase me. Although aparantly the English ward is full of Mongolians and I don’t know how much their kind of food will ‘not phase me’.

Well, love you all. Have a wonderful week.

Love Soeur Hoar”

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