Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

A transfer for January down in the South would be very welcome


Tonight we’re going to the ward mission leaders house for FHE and the deal with FHE’s is that if we come either they bring a friend or we do and we’ve got a sign up sheet for it so tonight we’ll be meeting one of their friends.

This week has been so up and down. I can’t tell you the details but for certain reasons either Jeffrey will need to get baptised later than planned or not at all. It’s been killing us this week not knowing but now it’s going into the hands of the Stake President. He’s progressing fantastically and it’s the biggest joy to teach him but things have cropped up that need some time and attention and I can’t explain the feelings that we’ve been having. Like I said, up and down.

It’s freezing here by the way. As much as I really really want to stay here, a transfer for January down in the south would be very welcome. Switzerland in the winter: beautiful, but you pay for the beauty with frozen fingers and noses. Anyway, as me and Soeur Ziane tell each other every day; suck it up, it’s not about you. Or something to that effect. We’re so kind 🙂

We have a new bishop and he’s great. We had a meeting with him yesterday and it’s was brilliant. I’ve seen such a strong link with bishops and missionary work. If the bishop is focused on it, it goes well. I know you know this but it’s just to let you know, the bishop is on top of it so it’s going to go well. Seriously, I’d be happy for the rest of my mission here.

Even though actually it wasn’t a great week in terms of numbers and nearly every appointment falling through, it’s all gonna be ok. I got really humbled this week.

For example, we had a day booked full of rdvs and we were happy, looking forward to the day and then we had 5/6 fall through and it was rough because we were at the church all day and felt like we were getting nowhere. Then we get to the evening and we get to finally see Jak and Azaa again. Because of the passing of Jak’s mum we had planned to teach faith in Christ with prayer and scripture study. Half way through the lesson they just come out with something along the lines of ‘can you tell us more about baptism because we feel like it’s the right time for us now’. They were really worried about us because we just sat there like idiots with shocked smiles on our faces and had no plan for what to say next. We reassured them and then just carried on smiling not knowing what to do. So Jak and Azaa are getting Baptised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These Mongolians are wonderful. One of our Mongloian members just brought a friend this week to church to be taught by us! Also, we had more investigators at church than we have progressing.

It’s weird because it felt like a rubbish week but in fact the Lord has it all under control and it’s going exactly where he wants it to go.

So voila, my week in a nutshell. Have a good one, speak to you soon 🙂

Love Soeur Hoar

p.s. mum and dad could you please arrange with Nicki to come over to talk on Skype for Christmas too?”

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“That will be the best Christmas present”


So this week wasn’t quite as hectic as last but we had some really cool things going on anyway.

First of all teaching Jeffrey is the best thing ever. He’s so humble and receptive and we’ve been able to teach him every day this week- mission dream! It’s been incredible to see the change in him. The first couple of days he was so down, just because he’s going through some rough stuff at the moment but then the third day there was this light in him that wasn’t there before and he just keeps getting better. He told us smiling ‘you just don’t know how happy I am right now’, I think we have a bit of an idea. He loves it so much because he’s been searching for a church that practices what they preach and sticks to the Bible and the teachings of God. Everything we teach him he’s just like, yes that’s how it should be, that’s beautiful (all the time I’m thinking, well yeah, I know it’s all right). It’s so wonderful to teach someone who really understands the value of the gospel. On top of all that we have had Bethany (a member who just moved to the ward) teach a few lessons with us and she’s so great. I’ve never taught with a member like her, she’s invited him to come over and have dinner with her and her husband this week and is just being a great friend to him. She just gets it, the point that these are real people we’re teaching not just a job or a calling but they need support and love and friendship.

We talked with a few YSA yesterday about just normal ways to do missionary work and that it shouldn’t be weird even if as missionaries we are a bit. We’re going to do a games night in a couple of weeks just so we can meet there friends and have a bit of fun so that they can then naturally talk about the gospel without it being hard because really, if your friends are missionaries your other friends are gonna want to ask a few questions. Seriously, missionary work is just fun. I’m loving this transfer so much and it’s going so fast because Soeur Ziane just gets that too that we’re just gonna work hard and have fun.

The other miracle of the week is that we set a baptismal date with Amock! I can’t remember what I told you about him but I think I told you how his lessons are exhausting, but good. He’s been saying how he hasn’t had a response to his prayers yet and when I was on an exchange with Soeur Sopi this week (she only speaks French, that was really interesting in English ward, so it was a day of translation, really had my brain working hard) she suggested that we pray with him in the lesson for him to get his answer and then leave a moment of silence for the spirit to talk to him. It worked! He still has doubts but when I told him that he’s got his answer he agreed and so we set the goal for December 21st. That will be the best Christmas present.

Oh yeah, we had stake conference this week and Annecy is part of the Geneva stake so I got to see a few members from there, it was so great and what was even better was that I was able to understand everything they were saying to me.

Lots of love

Soeur Hoar”

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This kind of stuff doesn’t happen (unless you’re Nicki’s elders)


I’m exhausted. I learnt a lot of different ways to say tired in french this week because that was generally our state of being for the entire week.

Across the mission we had an ‘m week’ where basically we had challenges each day to produce a week full of miracles. We put our all into it and now we’re paying for it but it’s ok because we got a way better payback.

It seemed like for most of the week we were putting in so much work and effort and not getting much back. We were talking to so many people and getting rejection after rejection and then if someone did say yes, they were either French or Spanish speaking. We even had a message from Hassane saying that for the moment he can’t see us and there were a lot of other investigators who we couldn’t get hold of either. It was hard not to get a bit down but we kept going. Enter miracle. After a long hard day of porting and street contacting with no numbers we get home and find that nearly every other companionship has been getting numbers and potential amis for us! It’s weird, we did the work and got the results but not at all how we expected. We contacted and somewhere else in Geneva another missionary was getting the number for us.

Biggest miracle of the week. Another kind of day like the last and as we’re waiting for a train we get a call from the lac elders asking if we have an English book of Mormon with us. We’re pretty reluctant because we only have two more copies to see us through till Wednesday but we say ok, he then tells us to come to the chapel because he’s had the biggest miracle of his mission (he’s only been out a few months mind) and we’ve got a new investigator with a baptismal date. uhh, ok we can be there soon. When we arrive we meet Jeffrey who’s been searching for the church since he got here for months because he heard about the church when he was in Spain and now he wants to join the true church of God. I’m listening to the elders saying ‘these are the sisters who are going to help prepare you for your baptism’. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen (unless you’re Nicki’s elders) but anyway we saw some really great stuff this week.

I’m nearly falling asleep at the computer so I think I’ll leave it there. Have a wonderful week. I love you all.

Love Soeur Hoar”

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“Praying in English was the toughest thing”

“Bonjour…or rather Hello

In answer to some questions I hope I’m not going where soeur Hookers gone since she’s on a medical assignment with a nurse that’s come to the mission…I don’t think I’d be much good at that. But she’s based in Lyon.

I’m with Soeur Sovaleni in the apartment and she just came over from Annecy so I’ve been getting a bit of news. Do you remember when I found that guy Christ on the bus? He’s got a baptismal date, how cool? Also, in two weeks it is stake conference so I’m going to get to see everyone from annecy again. I’m so excited, especially as I can now communicate with them.

So English ward. It’s the weirdest thing but I love it. When we were in sacrament meeting and they started giving the sacrament prayer I actually looked up because I thought they had got it wrong, then I realised it was English. Praying in English was the toughest thing but I think I’ve just about got it now. I have to turn to Soeur Ziane occasionally in lessons for her to tell me the English translation and sometimes I don’t even notice I’ve said a French word until everyone looks at me funny.

The ward is wonderful though. We have an incredible ward mission leader who has recently been called and he’s so on it. Really enthusiastic and I just know we’re gonna get some incredible work done here. From what I’ve seen the ward members are really eager to work with us. Soeur Ziane said that this week we’ve got more dinner appointments than she’s had the whole time she’s been here. I think it’s due to the new dmp (ward mission leader). They’ve also just added two new elders to the ward. They’re both learning English and I can empathise all too well with the struggles they’re having. I think it really boosts the ward to have more missionaries and our plan is just to have as much contact with the members as possible so that it’s always on their mind.

We taught young women’s yesterday and it was great, especially as there were a couple of English girls. Anyone know the Mckans (sp?) from Leeds?

We have some great investigators too. Hassane is doing the best. He’s got a baptismal date for the 23rd November and he’s just soaking it all up. He was brought up Muslim but said that it never brought him anything so he sought out Christianity and it’s so great, if you could hear him when he expresses his desire to change his life to make it more in line with Christ.

Also, we are teaching a few Mongolians, Jak and Azaa are so close to fixing a baptismal date and I’m sure it’ll happen this week.

One more ami, Amock, who was taught about four years ago and now we’ve seen him a few times. He’s really cool, super searching, full of questions and knows his stuff. We’re just trying to teach him to have faith. I’m sure he’ll get there. I feel that now’s the time for him. It’s super exhausting teaching him though, like spiritually exhausting but great.

My companion, Soeur Ziane is so great. I don’t know how much it came across in my other emails but my last companion was really hard to work with but me and Soeur Ziane have just clicked and are getting some really great work done. I feel like a missionary again! She just gets on with it and is super focused on the work. We also get on really well and all this week we’ve just been laughing and having a good time. It’s really so much fun doing work with her and I’m like, yes, this is what missionary work should be like. It should be fun. We have the best job in the world, we get to invite others to come unto Christ. That’s another goal I have for working with members. I want them to feel the joy of this work. They seem so burdened with a never ending to do list and I don’t want to add missionary work to the list. I want them to see it for what it is: a joy. We’re going to serve them and love them and they’re going to want to be with us and want to bring their friends too.

Have a wonderful week.

Love you all
Soeur Hoar”

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