Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“We had two thanksgiving dinners”

on 10 December 2013


I’m sorry but I only have 20 mins remaining on my internet time and I don’t want to buy any more before I know about transfers. Switzerland is expensive…even in the dodgy internet cafés!

So, en bref. Sorry, I didn’t write about the exchange with Soeur Bridgwater, thought I had. It was really good but really weird and yes it did seem like when she got on the train she would just go back to Telford.

We got some great new investigators this week, all from Mongolia. One couple has just been coming to church for 5 weeks and we’ve only just been able to teach them. I really need to learn Mongolian, I only know how to say thank you at the moment but I figure if I learn one new word a lesson then that won’t be too bad considering all the Mongolians we’re teaching. English ward – whatever!

We had two thanksgiving dinners this week and after those two days I weighed 3 kilos heavier…we found a great scripture this morning in proverbs 28:25 that says something like if you put your trust in the Lord you will be made fat. I finally found the reason. Forget weightwatchers just start doubting, the pounds will come off in no time 🙂 Thanksgiving is really great though, we ate so much and for so long, we were dying afterwards but it was fun in the moment. That’s my lesson for the week.

Ok, 10 mins left. Now you see how slow I type.

Cool experience with Jeffrey this week, we were teaching him something, can’t remember exactly what (good missionary hey?) and he starts smiling and holding back a laugh. So we ask him what’s going on and he’s like, when you ask me to do something you ask me like I might sot acceot, it’s funny, It’s like if someone offered you a key and said this key will open up the door that will give you everything you ever wanted, it’s a fantastic key that lets you have something great and then they look at you and say ‘are you sure you want the key?’. It made us laugh and then remember what a wonderful thing we offer. It’s fantastic and it’s so great to be teaching people who understand the value of what you’re teaching. I guess from Jeffrey’s example not even the missionaries keep that in mind all the time.

It’s transfer calls this Friday and we’re dreading them. I love it here and with Soeur Ziane and the work is finally going so well. Our investigators are progressing and the ward are really getting on board, we’re having some great experiences with them and building some really nice relationships. I really hope it’s the Lord’s will for us to stay.

We’re off now to Bethany’s house and she’s gonna teach us how to bake/cook some things and then we’ll have lunch together. After that for the last pday of the transfer we’re gonna play some games as a district. We were gonna play football but I think it’s too cold for some of the elders…

Have a wonderful week.
Love Soeur Hoar

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