Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“We’re like their little girls”

on 16 December 2013


Just to answer a few questions first. On Sunday Frère et Soeur Menardin told us we were coming to their house for Christmas dinner and to Skype. She said her son served a mission and she understands. She even said if there was any problem with her computer she would drive us to another members house. They are so lovely and we are so loved in this little branch. Soeur Menardin just told us that we’re like their little girls (not quite but that’s the best translation I can do of the phrase she used) and that they’re going to look after us and we have to call any time we need anything. I don’t know what time we can do it but I will ask on Sunday since they’re away at the temple this week. Also, could you please send me your Skype information and then I’ll let you know this side next week. Sorry you can’t be too organised Anneka.

Sorry I forgot to send the address, you don’t know how gutted I was when I realised because if there’s ever been a week that I needed post it’s been this week and then how happy I was that you’d found it out anyway.

This was the HARDEST week of my mission. We get into the apartment and it’s all clean and super organised and everything but it just meant that we were able to quickly and efficiently find out that we have NO investigators. Apparently we had one with a baptism this week but we call her up and she’s gone for three weeks for Christmas and then we find out in branch council that she’s living with her fiancé and now that they finally have their marriage papers she doesn’t want to get married to July. The other sheet in the area book was someone they hadn’t seen for months and when we called him up he said he’s really busy but maybe next week…uh ok.

So there’s a HUGE (sorry for the over use of capitals but it was a big week) list of inactives so we hit the road and get searching in this unfamiliar ville and nobody is there, for three days we wondered if there was any members actually living in the area, we couldn’t get hold of anyone and it was just depressing and lonely. The district leader and sister leaders called up and asked if they could do anything for us and we were just like, pray that we find people to teach. That’s all we wanted, people to teach. So we keep ploughing through and talking to everyone and one day we find Hortense who we got to teach, commit to baptism for the 18th January, she came to church and the branch was so happy, I didn’t get it. I get that they’re happy, this is fantastic, huge miracle that in one week we can find someone who wants to be baptised but they were just happy someone was at church. In branch council I was like ‘I’m sorry that we haven’t done much this week (we only taught 3 lessons) and they were shocked, they told us sincerely that we’d done great work and that they couldn’t remember the last time the missionaries brought someone to church. I thought it was an exaggeration but they were happy so I’m happy that they’re such a lovely branch. A small, strange little branch but they’ve got hearts of gold and I want nothing more than to strengthen them and build up this little place. It’s not about the size or the numbers and I am determined that I will leave this branch better than I found it.

Other miracle, as I was saying that we just wanted more people to teach, about a day after we asked for prayers and I know these were combined with all the prayers back there at home, we went out one day and found six new potentiel amis! I’ve never found anyone porting and in one day we went porting twice and each time we set up an appointment and one of them is now a new investigator; A super sweet old man called Michel. The only problem we have is that the only sister we thought we could teach with is away for the week. We’re working on reactivating a lot of sisters don’t worry. The Relief Society president is great and we’re meeting with her Thursday for what I think will be a battle plan on reactivating these sisters.

Sorry it’s not such a funny email this week but it was just a lot of long days and tough work but in the end there’s a lot of good things that are starting to happen in Angouleme.

I’m also getting fitter being here since Angouleme is built on a hill and yesterday we had an appointment with Michel and we forgot that the buses don’t run on Sundays so that was a nice 2 1/2 hours of walking up and down hills.

Oh, actually there were some funny things that happened this week but I don’t know if it’s that nice to share them because it’s just funny stuff that my companion says in French because she’s still very new in the mission. Like when she told the lady in the bakery that she liked her ‘fur’ instead of saying ‘jumper’ and then she told one girl ‘thank you for your face’ I’m not sure what she was going for with that one but it was funny and got us a bit more time talking to her. I just asked her permission to share those with you. Her French is actually a blessing because people give her so much more time than me.

Oh, nearly forgot, If you could do one thing for me this week it would be to pray that Marine texts us. When she does I will let you know in next weeks email. She’s incredible but didn’t give us her number and I’ve rarely met anyone who I wanted to share the gospel with more.

Love you all, have a fantastic week. thank you for your prayers.

Love Soeur Hoar”

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