Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“We finally have progressing investigators!”


This week I played piano for an old lady in the ward and Soeur Beeny sang (she has a beautiful voice) and I loved it and so did she. I love it when I have a companion who sings because then I can play with her. We can do musical items in church now.

It’s taken me a while but I finally love Angouleme. Before I loved it but more in a way that I was obliged to because it’s my secteur but I was in church on Sunday and the heating wasn’t working so we were all together in the primary room (the only room with heat) and for some reason, being all squished in like that made it feel really unified and I realised how much I love my branch. I finally stopped worrying about it’s size and that the quality required quantity and I just enjoyed it. As soon as I changed my mindset so that small is not a problem I realised what I have here. It really motivated me then to invite others to come, not because we desperately need more members to be strong enough but rather I want more people to enjoy being in this branch like I do. My perspective has completely changed and it’s hard to explain how and why but I just love it so much more.

We haven’t been able to see the Rivoisy family yet but we reached them on the phone the other day and finally found out why, and that means we can fix the problem and it’s great because the problem can be fixed by teaching in a member’s home and we have two very willing families who are just waiting for us to tell them when we can teach a family at their home so we would see them this week.

Soeur Beeny is a lot of fun, we’re very different characters so it’s going to take a bit of adjusting but we get on and work well together and I’ve seen a big difference in the work this week. She’s done a lot of theatre so think of Gemma when she was about 17 and mix in the fact that she’s very American and you’ve got Soeur Beeny.

We finally have progressing investigators! Sandra: we’ve been teaching her and her mum for a while and finally on Friday we got to teach her alone and it was fantastic, she’s wonderful and we only just found out because her mum wasn’t there to drown her out with her extreme catholic beliefs. Also, Audrey, who apparently had a baptism date when we came in but then we never saw, is finally back and she’s so lovely. We were teaching gospel principles and Laurence didn’t understand the pre-mortal life and so Audrey gives a really nice simple explanation about how we have parents of our spirit and now parents of our body and then the Branch President puts his hand up and says, ‘actually it’s a lot more complicated than that, it’s hard to explain but before this life everything was intelligences…’

We’re going to be in Bordeaux for a couple of days next week because we have exchanges and zone training. Also it’s the international comic strip festival here this coming weekend and we’ve been warned about how hectic it will be and it’s all just outside our apartment so we plan to get our contacting numbers up this week and send referrals all over the world. I also thought about taking the childrens Book of Mormon reader to see if that would get any interest.
Have a wonderful week, I love you all.

Soeur Hoar”

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Christmas Zone Conference in Bordeaux

Zone Conference 1 Zone Conference 2

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News of transfers!


News of transfers! I’m in Bordeaux right now because Soeur Robison left this morning and my new companion Soeur Beeny doesn’t get in till this evening so I’m going shopping with the Bordeaux Soeurs. The reaction I’ve had from people who know both me and Soeur Beeny when I told them about transfers was hysterical laughing followed by ‘you’re gonna kill her’. Not such a great start. I don’t believe them, they like to make fun of how English I am with being so blunt and sarcastic and this sister is apparently very loud and dramatic and american. To be honest, most people have just said she’s really fun so i’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard she speaks really good French too and that she works hard so I bet we’ll ave a great time.

We have a really cool new ami this week called Hurles and it’s a miracle because he’s the first one in Angouleme to actually read the Book of Mormon. The lesson was great and he’s so humble and ready to change if needs be. The best part is he’s normal. Honestly, you have to hunt them out in Angouleme. I love it to death but it’s still weird.

I feel like it’s all about to take off here, we’ve been finding lots and really getting the work going and now I feel like it’s the time for seeing the results. I hope the Lord agrees.

We have some of the oddest contacts here, Soeur Robison stopped this boy before she realised how young he was and we then found out he didn’t speak much French but this is the way we found out:

me: what’s you’re name?

boy: something I didn’t undertand, what’s your name?

me: Soeur Hoar

*then we chat for a bit, give him a card and because I didn’t get his name…*

me: I’m sorry, what was your name again?

boy: Soeur Hoar

We also had this really mean man tell us that what we’re doing will eventually cause wars, all we’d done is say hi we’re missionaries. I told him he was really mean and that kind of made things worse.

But, just a couple of hours earlier we spoke to this really cute family who said that it’s ok, they’re very believing too (kind of like don’t bother with us) so I felt inspired to invite them to church and they said they’re new here and we’re looking for a place to worship. Wonderful, I thought that once they come to church we could teach and baptise them too then they can go to the temple and be an eternal family.

We were going to clean windows and have lunch at an old sisters house and I chose to ask her about her conversion story. It was so great, I was so inspired by her story and her testimony about faith afterwards and I could say that that conversation might just have shifted the course for the rest of my mission. It at least changed the day and we found more people to teach because of it. We also gained the trust of this member and strengthened our relationship.

So there’s my week. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Love you all so much.

Soeur Hoar


p.s. one of the elders from my district in the mtc is now my district leader’

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‘They don’t know it yet but they’re gonna get baptised’


As a district we’re working on patience and when I prayed for it I was like, ‘Heavenly Father I feel like I already have enough circumstances to develop patience, please don’t send anymore but just let me have the capacities to deal with my current situation’. So far it’s working, it’s not easy by any stretch but it’s better.

We had a really great day on Monday, well the evening anyway because we only work from 6pm. We had a rdv set up with Fatmah and as we were walking up the stairs I felt like we wouldn’t be teaching her tonight because the Lord had other plans for us. I was right and our back up plan was to port the building next to her. Before Angouleme I’ve had no success with porting in the past few months there have been a couple of amis from it but this was something else, from just a few doors we set up four rdvs and found a family! WE FOUND A FAMILY! They are wonderful, they don’t know it yet but they’re gonna get baptised and go to the temple and become an eternal family. Their name is the Rivoisy family. Love them so much. So often in Angouleme, pretty much always, we meet and teach a lot of weird people. I’m not being mean, this ville is just weird, we get really excited when we talk to normal people. Anyway, the point is that this family is really normal, we had a lovely time being with them.

We also got a referral from another missionary who just came into the field and his cousin is in Angouleme so we called her up and she’s a super nice Tahitian girl who we set an appointment with.

There’s a lot of good going on here and I’m so scared to be transfered. It’s taken me a long time to ove this place but now I do I’m so attatched. I really want to work hard for the members too who are working so hard and not really seeing any results. I just want to build them up.

Transfers are next week by the way.

We have a lot of investigators right now and we have no trouble finding new ones which is a huge blessing seeing as we came in with absolutely no one to teach. Our problem at the moment is that none of them are progressing. none of them. I don’t know what’s going on, none of them are even reading the Book of Mormon. I feel like this transfer was building up the teaching pool and then next transfer we’ll really see some progression. Although numbers are not huge I was reflecting on all the little victories that we’ve had and I was really happy. I looked and I saw a number one under ‘people activated’ and I realised that number one means Carole. Carole is wonderful and when we came in she wasn’t active but now she comes every week and she’s reading the Book of Mormon daily and coming out teaching with us and is just a lovely active member again and that means the world to me. That is a huge victory and although it’s disappointing to see low numbers I am not discouraged by them because I get to play my little part in this great work. I was watching mountain of the Lord the other day and I thought of those just doing menial jobs everyday, appearing as though what they did was making no progress and then we see the end result of the Salt Lake Temple and all that we know that to mean and I just felt part of it all. We’re all playing our little role that seems like it’s not really doing anything but in fact there’s no role that is unnecessary in the work of salvation. Is that cheesy enough for you? It helped me anyway.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Love you lots

Soeur Hoar”

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“Sacrament attendance is the same as our family”


We had a good experience with repentance this week. We were getting frustrated with ourselves and wanted to change but didn’t know in which ways or how. I got the impression that I just needed to repent. It’s not like I’d been committing any serious sins but I felt drawn to repentance. Me and Soeur Robison talked about this and I said that I’d like to reflect tonight and pray, maybe write some goals in my journal but she wisely said that we just need to do it now. It was 6pm and we just tried to change our hearts there and then, we then went on to have some really cool contacts and potential investigators and we were able to have 2 really inspired lessons. I love my Saviour and it is and always will be incredible to me that we can repent and be forgiven and we can change our lives. We can be who we want to be. I’m not a completely changed person because of that evening but I’m closer to the Saviour and I have a greater understanding of him and his love for us.

We had an exchange and district meeting this week and because everything is so far it wiped out like 2 days of the week. It was good to see other missionaries again though and I heard some interesting stories about elders who’d done exchanges in Angouleme, one included a wizard wand duel with a drunk man at night while porting…Angouleme is an odd place. I’m really starting to love it but it’s still odd.

So as you know, the focus of the mission is now on families and it’s exciting. Keep praying for us to find families. We’ve done this cool thing with the members that we just made up the other day but it seems to work well. We asked members if they could help us with our teaching. We go over and teach them a lesson pretending that they’re investigators (they had too much fun asking hard questions). Then when the spirit’s strong and we’ve all had a good time we ask them to do an experience of faith that we’re going to set a date with them where we can come and teach in there home again but this time we want to bring a family to their home. We set the date and then say that we’re going to pray that we can find a family to teach, all together, we work together to find, teach and baptise. This family could be someone that they already know or it could be someone we find this week but either way if we pray and search together in faith we will find and teach.

Church was fun this week, day of rest is not quite the phrase, as a missionary Sundays are pretty busy as it is but then in a branch that had and attendance of 17 yesterday it’s a bit more challenging. Fun though, to see what I can do now. We taught relief society with five minutes notice, then about the same with Sunday School, then in fast and testimony meeting everyone needs to give a talk to fill in the time and of course I’m playing piano too. I love it though, small branches are great fun and you really are just a family. In fact their sacrament attendance is the same as our family. On holiday in August we can double their numbers…I guess that’s how I’m gonna achieve that goal.

Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Love Soeur Hoar

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