Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“Sacrament attendance is the same as our family”

on 7 January 2014

We had a good experience with repentance this week. We were getting frustrated with ourselves and wanted to change but didn’t know in which ways or how. I got the impression that I just needed to repent. It’s not like I’d been committing any serious sins but I felt drawn to repentance. Me and Soeur Robison talked about this and I said that I’d like to reflect tonight and pray, maybe write some goals in my journal but she wisely said that we just need to do it now. It was 6pm and we just tried to change our hearts there and then, we then went on to have some really cool contacts and potential investigators and we were able to have 2 really inspired lessons. I love my Saviour and it is and always will be incredible to me that we can repent and be forgiven and we can change our lives. We can be who we want to be. I’m not a completely changed person because of that evening but I’m closer to the Saviour and I have a greater understanding of him and his love for us.

We had an exchange and district meeting this week and because everything is so far it wiped out like 2 days of the week. It was good to see other missionaries again though and I heard some interesting stories about elders who’d done exchanges in Angouleme, one included a wizard wand duel with a drunk man at night while porting…Angouleme is an odd place. I’m really starting to love it but it’s still odd.

So as you know, the focus of the mission is now on families and it’s exciting. Keep praying for us to find families. We’ve done this cool thing with the members that we just made up the other day but it seems to work well. We asked members if they could help us with our teaching. We go over and teach them a lesson pretending that they’re investigators (they had too much fun asking hard questions). Then when the spirit’s strong and we’ve all had a good time we ask them to do an experience of faith that we’re going to set a date with them where we can come and teach in there home again but this time we want to bring a family to their home. We set the date and then say that we’re going to pray that we can find a family to teach, all together, we work together to find, teach and baptise. This family could be someone that they already know or it could be someone we find this week but either way if we pray and search together in faith we will find and teach.

Church was fun this week, day of rest is not quite the phrase, as a missionary Sundays are pretty busy as it is but then in a branch that had and attendance of 17 yesterday it’s a bit more challenging. Fun though, to see what I can do now. We taught relief society with five minutes notice, then about the same with Sunday School, then in fast and testimony meeting everyone needs to give a talk to fill in the time and of course I’m playing piano too. I love it though, small branches are great fun and you really are just a family. In fact their sacrament attendance is the same as our family. On holiday in August we can double their numbers…I guess that’s how I’m gonna achieve that goal.

Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Love Soeur Hoar

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