Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

News of transfers!

on 20 January 2014


News of transfers! I’m in Bordeaux right now because Soeur Robison left this morning and my new companion Soeur Beeny doesn’t get in till this evening so I’m going shopping with the Bordeaux Soeurs. The reaction I’ve had from people who know both me and Soeur Beeny when I told them about transfers was hysterical laughing followed by ‘you’re gonna kill her’. Not such a great start. I don’t believe them, they like to make fun of how English I am with being so blunt and sarcastic and this sister is apparently very loud and dramatic and american. To be honest, most people have just said she’s really fun so i’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard she speaks really good French too and that she works hard so I bet we’ll ave a great time.

We have a really cool new ami this week called Hurles and it’s a miracle because he’s the first one in Angouleme to actually read the Book of Mormon. The lesson was great and he’s so humble and ready to change if needs be. The best part is he’s normal. Honestly, you have to hunt them out in Angouleme. I love it to death but it’s still weird.

I feel like it’s all about to take off here, we’ve been finding lots and really getting the work going and now I feel like it’s the time for seeing the results. I hope the Lord agrees.

We have some of the oddest contacts here, Soeur Robison stopped this boy before she realised how young he was and we then found out he didn’t speak much French but this is the way we found out:

me: what’s you’re name?

boy: something I didn’t undertand, what’s your name?

me: Soeur Hoar

*then we chat for a bit, give him a card and because I didn’t get his name…*

me: I’m sorry, what was your name again?

boy: Soeur Hoar

We also had this really mean man tell us that what we’re doing will eventually cause wars, all we’d done is say hi we’re missionaries. I told him he was really mean and that kind of made things worse.

But, just a couple of hours earlier we spoke to this really cute family who said that it’s ok, they’re very believing too (kind of like don’t bother with us) so I felt inspired to invite them to church and they said they’re new here and we’re looking for a place to worship. Wonderful, I thought that once they come to church we could teach and baptise them too then they can go to the temple and be an eternal family.

We were going to clean windows and have lunch at an old sisters house and I chose to ask her about her conversion story. It was so great, I was so inspired by her story and her testimony about faith afterwards and I could say that that conversation might just have shifted the course for the rest of my mission. It at least changed the day and we found more people to teach because of it. We also gained the trust of this member and strengthened our relationship.

So there’s my week. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Love you all so much.

Soeur Hoar


p.s. one of the elders from my district in the mtc is now my district leader’

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