Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“We finally have progressing investigators!”

on 27 January 2014


This week I played piano for an old lady in the ward and Soeur Beeny sang (she has a beautiful voice) and I loved it and so did she. I love it when I have a companion who sings because then I can play with her. We can do musical items in church now.

It’s taken me a while but I finally love Angouleme. Before I loved it but more in a way that I was obliged to because it’s my secteur but I was in church on Sunday and the heating wasn’t working so we were all together in the primary room (the only room with heat) and for some reason, being all squished in like that made it feel really unified and I realised how much I love my branch. I finally stopped worrying about it’s size and that the quality required quantity and I just enjoyed it. As soon as I changed my mindset so that small is not a problem I realised what I have here. It really motivated me then to invite others to come, not because we desperately need more members to be strong enough but rather I want more people to enjoy being in this branch like I do. My perspective has completely changed and it’s hard to explain how and why but I just love it so much more.

We haven’t been able to see the Rivoisy family yet but we reached them on the phone the other day and finally found out why, and that means we can fix the problem and it’s great because the problem can be fixed by teaching in a member’s home and we have two very willing families who are just waiting for us to tell them when we can teach a family at their home so we would see them this week.

Soeur Beeny is a lot of fun, we’re very different characters so it’s going to take a bit of adjusting but we get on and work well together and I’ve seen a big difference in the work this week. She’s done a lot of theatre so think of Gemma when she was about 17 and mix in the fact that she’s very American and you’ve got Soeur Beeny.

We finally have progressing investigators! Sandra: we’ve been teaching her and her mum for a while and finally on Friday we got to teach her alone and it was fantastic, she’s wonderful and we only just found out because her mum wasn’t there to drown her out with her extreme catholic beliefs. Also, Audrey, who apparently had a baptism date when we came in but then we never saw, is finally back and she’s so lovely. We were teaching gospel principles and Laurence didn’t understand the pre-mortal life and so Audrey gives a really nice simple explanation about how we have parents of our spirit and now parents of our body and then the Branch President puts his hand up and says, ‘actually it’s a lot more complicated than that, it’s hard to explain but before this life everything was intelligences…’

We’re going to be in Bordeaux for a couple of days next week because we have exchanges and zone training. Also it’s the international comic strip festival here this coming weekend and we’ve been warned about how hectic it will be and it’s all just outside our apartment so we plan to get our contacting numbers up this week and send referrals all over the world. I also thought about taking the childrens Book of Mormon reader to see if that would get any interest.
Have a wonderful week, I love you all.

Soeur Hoar”

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