Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Knock on a black door on a street that starts with the letter ‘A’

on 11 February 2014


Sorry I’m writing a day late, we had to swap over our p-day this week because we had zone conference and it was one of the best that I’ve ever been too. You [mum and dad] got a shout out too. Elder Gruber is one of the assistants and him and his companion Elder Visser were doing a presentation on finding and teaching families. They asked what we should do when we go to do a FHE in someone’s house and I said that it should just be fun etc. To which Elder Gruber said, ‘put your hand up if you’ve ever been to one of Soeur Hoar’s FHEs’. he shoots his hand up and tells the story about how he came over to our house when we were on holiday.

We contacted so many people this week. Usually there’s no one in Angouleme and we struggle to hit our weekly goal which is 378 people per week but this week was the international comic festival, the one cool thing that ever happens in Angouleme and there were floods of people in centre-ville. We contacted over 1000 people and it was so funny because they put the top 5 contacting companionships in the weekly mission newsletter and everyone was so shocked to see Angouleme on there. We also found three potential families to teach and we set up appointments with two of them so far. It was such a miracle because there were so many foreigners but nearly all the people who were interested were from Angouleme.

I have another funny quote from president. He talked a lot this conference about love and especially about loving your companion. He said that you needed to be humble and remember that people think differently to you and that doesn’t mean that one is right and one is wrong, you’re just different. He then related it to how people who have down syndrome just think differently and what would usually make you mad is just a bit funny. So his wisdom and instruction from conference is literally this. ‘Think of your companion as having something like down system, they think differently and it’s kinda funny.’

Forgot to tell you what I did this week. It was Sunday night and we were on our way home for the day when I remembered I hadn’t done something off the list. To my companions dismay I told her I wasn’t going home before I’d done something so I looked for the quickest thing and chose to ‘knock on a black door on a street that starts with the letter ‘A” I had a good time searching through the old Angouleme streets in the dark. It was so dark though that you couldn’t see the colour of the doors (as I’m writing this I’m thinking it’s a really good job you also pray daily for my safety too). I had a torch though so we looked like a couple of really creepy people as we shined the light on each door saying ‘dang it, it’s blue or green or brown’. It took us about 15 mins to find a black door it was ridiculous. Then we found one and she said no. But thanks, it was fun.

We’re off to a museum now because all the museums in Angouleme are closed Mondays so having conference yesterday was a tender mercy.

Love you all so much, have a wonderful week.

Soeur Hoar”

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