Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Wonderful things going on in Angoulême

on 11 February 2014


Let me tell you there are some wonderful things going on in Angoulême. This place is buzzing with potential and it’s starting to really show now. Angoulême usually has a church attendance of 18 and we’ve only been able to get one investigator to come a few times but this week we had 31 people there (granted there was one family visiting but still) and we had 4 amis amongst those. You should’ve seen the text that one of the members sent us after church, it was brilliant, I don’t think they’ve ever seen that many investigators at church before. This is only the beginning.

We did a fireside on Saturday and it was brilliant, we had a really good time and we did it on the theme of using faith vs logic. We talked about how the scriptures are full of people choosing faith over the Saviour above that which is logical, for example; after fishing all night and catching nothing it was not logical to think that going to the other side of the boat would do anything but they caught more than they could handle. For ages we have been ‘fishing’ and in this branch they have not seen any results. The Lord is asking us again to cast in our family finding nets and logic says it’s not even worth it but we’re not logical. Also, thinking of the definition of the word insanity being something to the effect of continuously doing the same thing but expecting different results…it’s missionary work! yes we’re getting smarter about it, I hope, but it’s still insane to think after knocking 200 doors without success that door 201 is going to bring a family ready for baptism.

We gave our branch a challenge to bring one friend each to church on the 2nd march and already we’ve fixed plans with a member to meet her friend today, just to get to know her before this member invites her to receive the lessons. This is a couple who’ve been in Tahiti for the past three months and have just come back to the branch. They’re fantastic, both served missions and are super eager to work with us. Them teamed with the Menardin’s are going to be an unstoppable force for this branch. We’re working on strengthening the strong members and we’re seeing great things come from that.

Funny story for the week: We were porting and come across this lady who tells us straight away that she’s not interested but then Soeur Beeny compliments her jumper which is a big knitted thing with dolphins on it, she tells her she loves dolphins too and so we get let in to her apartment. When we walk in we find a room with the biggest collection of dolphin figures I’ve ever seen in my life. She was kind of nuts and we spoke for about 10 minutes about dolphins (looking back I don’t know how) and then she told us again she wasn’t interested. BUT then we knock on the door below hers and it’s a Muslim family who let us in and they turn out to be really cool, the dad even said ‘I can be christian if I want to’ but then we found out in the second rdv that he didn’t really want to BUT that’s ok because this family lead us to their brother in law who would like to be christian and he’s coming to church next week.

Miracle story: we finally got to see the famille Rivoisy again! This was the really cool family I told you about a few weeks ago. Each week we give a prayer list to the members of the branch with our investigators and their needs (not too much detail don’t worry) and this family have been on there for weeks with the comment ‘so that we can see them again’. The members pray for us, the list and personal missionary experiences every night at 9pm and I know that it’s united prayer that allowed us to see them again. President told us that families take longer but it’s completely worth it. I expect that the baptisms won’t come until after I’ve left but that’s ok, we come back in July.

Unfortunately the families that we met last week didn’t work out this week but that’s normal, it sometimes takes a few tries before we get to see people so we’ll probably get to see them this week.

Also, I haven’t told you about Stephan who is and isn’t our investigator. It’s the silliest situation and we’re going to sort it out this week. The Bordeaux sisters started teaching him because his best friend is a recent convert in Bordeaux and they fixed a baptismal date with him but then called us up to see if we could teach him so he would be ready in time for his baptism. Why? Because he’s rarely in Bordeaux because he lives in Angoulême. So we’ve been teaching him the last few weeks and he came to our church yesterday, integration with the members is not a problem, he’s met them all and he feels comfortable here. I have no idea why they’re trying to keep him in Bordeaux and the only thing that’s been stopping us is because we don’t want to ‘steal’ the Bordeaux sisters ami. But at the end of the day, it’s best for him to be in Angoulême, that’s his branch.

Nice long email for you this week.

Love you all so much, have a wonderful week.

Soeur Hoar”

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