Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“Sister Hoar, as is custom, you will be whitewashing in Agen”

on 4 March 2014


Friday 7.20am, President Roney calls… “Sister Hoar, as is custom, you will be whitewashing in Agen. Your companion will be Soeur Nuutinen.”


Agen, like Angoulême, was an Elders ville. I got a text from the district leader, Elder Adams, saying “Soeur Hoar the conqueror!” I was distraught. I won’t linger on how hard it was to leave because I’m in Agen now and as I learnt last transfer, we just have to look forward. When we look back too much it’s as if we don’t believe that the future could be better than the past. That’s not true, there are great things ahead in Agen.

I had a wonderful last week in Angoulême though (gotta talk a bit about the past otherwise you’d have nothing to read). We got to see Audrey nearly every day which is a huge change around from when we first met her. She would squirm out of 1 rdv a week and by the end she would be the one asking if we could come over more. We also spent a while with the famille Temahuki who I love! I’m gonna miss these people so much, there are lots of other members too that I miss and love so much and I’m so grateful (my English must be bad, I just had to ask my Finnish companion how to spell that) oh yeah, I’ll finish with a Finnish…terrible but couldn’t resist. Anyway, I’m so grateful we’re coming back in the summer, I think I want to spend a whole week in Angoulême and I’ve already been offered a house to stay in while we’re there.

Anyway, as I was saying, gotta look forward. Agen! Agen is even smaller than Angoulême. My companion is small too.. She’s from Finland and is on her fourth transfer and she’s lovely, speaks great French and perfect English. Voilà. Ok, we also have a senior couple who live in the same apartment building as us so that’s convenient, they’ve been such a huge help already, feeding us when we got in late from the train last night and then showing us around today. They’re called Murer and are from Switaerland so they know all the members that I’ve served around. they don’t speak English so that’s great that I can’t get lazy with my French. The apartment is HUGE, Honestly, I’ve never had a hallway before and there are two bedrooms. I always thought the line in the white handbook about sleeping in the same room was a joke.

It was really tempting to be scared about this transfer, I’ve whitewashed a few times and know what it entails…it’s hard. BUT, I then read the scripture about perfect love casting out fear and realised it was true. If I just concentrate on loving these people and the Lord then there really is nothing to fear. I also learnt a lot the last couple of transfers which taught me how to not put so much pressure on myself because I realised that a lot of unhappiness comes from when we just put our own will and expectations before the Lord’s. I would absolutely love to make a huge difference in this branch and bring many souls unto Christ and I know these are righteous desires but also the Lord has his timing and his way of doing miracles. I thought that things weren’t progressing much in Angoulême but then I look back and just marvel at what we accomplished. I don’t know what’s going to happen in Agen but I know that I can again marvel at what we do here if I put my trust in the Lord.

Funny story from the week. We were at the Temahuki’s and were talking about the White House…don’t know why. Anyway, someone mentions the Oval Office and Soeur Beeny turns to me and says “I just got it: it’s called the Oval Office because it’s oval!”. I’m gonna miss her.

Oh, my address is:
les missionnaires
35 rue montesquieu, apt 31B
47000 Agen

Love you all, hope you have a fantastic week. Thank you for your prayers, keep going; they’re working 🙂

Love Soeur Hoar”


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