Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Spot the ‘man on the bench’

on 10 March 2014


I’ve been fooling you all for the last 16months that I’ve been learning and speaking French when in fact the only proof you have is that I know how to say ‘bonjour’.

Sacrament attendance is about 15 but I couldn’t be sure because Soeur Nuutinen was sick this weekend and the mission nurse banned us from going to church! With one sick day, I can cope with that, I got tonnes done in the apartment, I went through the entire old area book and took out, organised and mapped out all the people we could try see again and called all those without an address, I organised the whole apartment, did hours of studies and that was the first day but then I had nothing left to do the second day and was going insane! I was gutted to miss church but what can you do? if you’re sick, you’re sick. And she wasn’t even faking it because the first night that she got sick I heard a bang which woke me up, then another bang and I jumped out of bed to see her collapsed in the doorway without any memory of what just happened. She’s better now 🙂 Cheers Nurse Povar (mission nurse).

We have a few amis, which is a miracle for a whitewash, usually we have nothing. There’s a couple with some potential: Marlene who is progressing well but each time we talk about baptism she says that she wants to take her time and then we have Michael who is the boyfriend of a less active member and we’re going over to her house tonight to do an fhe with her and her family. She has like 6 kids but is only 28, she said she got married at 14, nuts!

The task that I did this week was to talk to an old man (over 65) on a park bench. It’s been beautiful here all week (most days I didn’t wear a coat) so it was a nice opportunity to do this task. I always expect something really good to come from each task so we go up to this man and sit down with him and just try to start up a nice friendly conversation but it soon became apparent that his French wasn’t all there and then he started acting really weird just saying no over and over. He wasn’t drunk or homeless so it was kinda strange. Anyway we walked away from that just thinking it was a bit pointless but then we saw him again and he said he wanted to be baptised…ok not really but that would’ve been a great ending. No, the ending is that now we see him all the time and it’s just become a joke between me and Soeur Nuutinen to spot the ‘man on the bench’.

I can’t remember what I told you about the senior couple here, the Murer’s? Anyway, we spent a lot of the week with them since they know the area and they have a car so they took us around to introduce us to amis and less actives which has been great, it means we waste less time. That’s one thing I don’t like about whitewashes, we seem to waste a lot of time just trying to figure things out. I trust Heavenly Father though, he knows what he’s doing by sending me here. I don’t have a clue but he’s got me covered for lack of a better phrase.

We had a lovely experience last night where Elder Murer gave us the sacrament in our apartment. We had a little sacrament meeting with each one of us bearing testimony and everything. It was a wonderful moment for a few reasons 1. It was wonderful to have the priesthood in the home, I didn’t realise how much I missed th…

…they just told us they’re closing the internet place so I got to go. Sorry”


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