Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Au Revoir

“Au Revoir

Firstly a few items of business. Next week I won’t be doing emails so if you didn’t send something this week then sorry you missed your chance, you can just tell me personally next week. Ok, so I guess it’s just one item of business.

Conference was brilliant, I know you all know that but I just want to sustain that vote. I saw Noémie’s sister at Conference, that was really cool. What was even better was Marlène and Monique came and loved it, we’re teaching them both tonight and can’t wait to chat more about it, especially as we have this dream that Marlène will have received her answer about baptism and that we can baptise her this Friday with Monique. But I guess you’ll never know how this miracle story ends since I’m not writing next week. This week I actually had a combination of the worst and best moment of my mission when on Monday Monique was going to let it all go because of one of the commandments we taught, she wanted to follow it but didn’t think it was possible for her and for the fist time in my mission I just sat there and cried in the lesson. I didn’t think that 4 weeks was long enough to care about someone so much but it felt like my heart had been ripped out and I learnt really what it means to have a prayer always in your heart. I don’t think I stopped praying for 24hrs in between the rdvs, I didn’t really sleep that night and it was no better in the morning. That then turned into the best experience when she showed huge faith and said that she would keep the commandment. I felt inspired to ask her in between these lessons to read Mosiah 4 but I didn’t know why and when we followed up she said that she felt she would be condemned if she didn’t obey the commandments. She got a pretty quick strong answer and it was funny because as soon as she said what she read I was like ‘just so you know, that chapter didn’t come from me’. I mean, I’m bold, but not that bold. Anyway, she’s fantastic and has such a great desire to follow the Savior and serve him and I can’t wait for Friday!!!!!

It’s crazy how attached I’ve got to people here, yesterday Marlène asked me ‘are you really leaving?’ she welled up and told me that it’s going to be too hard to say goodbye. The Lord really blesses you with an irrational love for these people. I just say irrational because of the time in which you are able to love with all your heart. France and Switzerland and all the people that I’ve served mean more to me than I realised they could do.

The Lord really knows what he’s doing with missionary work, it’s the lost fantastic experience. He knows the joy of it so He gives this opportunity and privilege to His children so that they can share in the joy of His work. It is only thanks to Christ that we are saved but yet he mercifully gives us a part to play so that in the eternities our joy can be full like his. I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I didn’t mean for this to be a goodbye email, my plan was just to write a little note because I’ll see you all next week, but there you go, a bit of my testimony.

I’m spending p-day in Bordeaux today since we were her for conference we thought we’d take advantage of the situation.

Love you all so much,
Soeur Hoar”

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Post-Mothers Day Email


It was wonderful to talk to everyone yesterday and you’re right for some strange reason, it was harder this time. It was great though, it’s so funny how nuts the family is, I’ve seen other companions families who are all sat there in the screen calmly taking their turns talking…I’m glad we’re cooler than that. I don’t know how much I really told you on Skype so I’ll just give you a bit of an update anyway.

So Monique is progressing very well, we were going to do the baptism in Montauban but after I did an exchange there this week and saw the ‘font’ (a big blue paddling pool in a classroom) we decided it’ll be best in Bordeaux. Oh, when I was in Montauban I met Brother Van Tonder’s parents. Small world.

Mohamed, our new ami, is set to be baptised for the 26th April after he called us up after one lesson saying that he’d had a dream where he was in a building with lots of people and he was going to be baptised. He was like ‘what does that mean and how do you baptise?’ Now I’m no Joseph of Egypt but we had a pretty good idea of what that meant.

Having four amis at church was brilliant even if it did mean that for half of church it was just us and the High Counsellor who was visiting. Reactivation work is going well too. There’s a ton of potential in Agen it’s crazy.

Not really sure what to write sorry, I guess I did get a lot out yesterday.

Love you tons, sorry it’s short.

Have a wonderful week,

Loev Soeur Hoar”

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