Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

Post-Mothers Day Email

on 1 April 2014


It was wonderful to talk to everyone yesterday and you’re right for some strange reason, it was harder this time. It was great though, it’s so funny how nuts the family is, I’ve seen other companions families who are all sat there in the screen calmly taking their turns talking…I’m glad we’re cooler than that. I don’t know how much I really told you on Skype so I’ll just give you a bit of an update anyway.

So Monique is progressing very well, we were going to do the baptism in Montauban but after I did an exchange there this week and saw the ‘font’ (a big blue paddling pool in a classroom) we decided it’ll be best in Bordeaux. Oh, when I was in Montauban I met Brother Van Tonder’s parents. Small world.

Mohamed, our new ami, is set to be baptised for the 26th April after he called us up after one lesson saying that he’d had a dream where he was in a building with lots of people and he was going to be baptised. He was like ‘what does that mean and how do you baptise?’ Now I’m no Joseph of Egypt but we had a pretty good idea of what that meant.

Having four amis at church was brilliant even if it did mean that for half of church it was just us and the High Counsellor who was visiting. Reactivation work is going well too. There’s a ton of potential in Agen it’s crazy.

Not really sure what to write sorry, I guess I did get a lot out yesterday.

Love you tons, sorry it’s short.

Have a wonderful week,

Loev Soeur Hoar”


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