Sister Michelle Hoar

Serving in the France Lyon Mission Nov 2012 – April 2014

“It’s not so fun when things come to the end, unless it’s sickness or Westlife”

Bonjour…comme dab.

Dad, your task was really fun this week, we did the one where me and my companion are supposed to do three special, different things for each other during the day. Soeur Nuutinen was really funny and stuck post-it notes everywhere with our inside jokes and wrote a letter because yours didn’t come this week so I assume I’ll get it today. I had baked biscuits for our neighbour who had  her birthday and then made special ones for Soeur Nuutinen in the shape of her initials. Just a few of the very cheesy, sister missionary-like things we did. I’ve changed. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it just scares me.

So we got to go to church for the first time this week. It’s smaller than Angoulême. It’s really small. No really, it’s very small. All that said, I like it. They treat me like a king because I can play the piano, before me one of the elders practiced playing one note simple hymns. You’ve gotta hand it to him though, that’s dedication.

There’s a family in the branch with only the three kids who are baptised and come to church, two of them gave the talks this Sunday which left a nice 15 mins for me to ‘bear my testimony’. I was impressed though with their faith and diligence to the church being so young, their talks were great…short, but great. This family is our focus for the transfer. We’re going to teach the parents and then they’re gonna get baptised. The parents aren’t fully aware of the plan yet but I’m hoping that this week they’ll jump on board.

Other amis, we have Marlene who’s progressing, still not sure why she’s holding back from baptism but we’re getting closer. We were this close (you can’t see it but ‘this’ is very small) to fixing a baptismal date with Michael but it was just technical problems like General Conference and then his girlfriend being away that we couldn’t do it. But then he didn’t come to church so something’s not right there. Monique, however, is coming to church. She’s our neighbour and the Murer’s have been working with her for a little while before we came and we’ve now been able to fix a teaching appointment with her for tonight.

It’s been beautiful nearly all week and I can’t believe in March I’m not wearing a coat.

We had an exchange in Bordeaux this week and then a zone training meeting so we weren’t in Agen much and then this coming week we’re doing another exchange in Montauban and then we have a district meeting so it’s hard not to get a bit frustrated that we’re not getting much done in the secteur. I have to remind myself every day to calm down and that things work out in the Lord’s timing. With only four weeks left – how did that happen?! I remember thinking the same when Laura and Mark were gone and I don’t know how I feel because I feel like it’s fast but also slow at the same time, can’t explain it really, it’s just weird, everything about being near the end is weird. Anyway, with only four week left I feel like there’s not enough time and I feel the pressure of the time but I just need to remind myself that the Lord didn’t call me to Agen to save the whole town and branch in six weeks, I’m just supposed to play my part and all will work out. I’m freaking out a bit though. I’m really excited to come home, the fact that I haven’t seen my family and friends for so long will never change no matter how much I love the mission. I miss you all. But at the same time, I love this so much and it’s not so fun when things come to the end, unless it’s sickness or Westlife. I’ll keep working hard and calm down. But if one more missionary comes up to me and says ‘hey, you’re dying soon aren’t you?’…then I guess I’ll politely say yes and restrain myself.

I love you all, hope you have a wonderful week.

Love Soeur Hoar

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Your Daughters New Companion

Dear Missionary Family,

Here is a picture of your daughter extraordinaire. Aren’t they wonderful?

Sister Heitbreders trainer is Sister Hoar, and their address is:

La Mission Française de Lyon
Sœur Heitbreder et Hoar
4, Chemin du Clos
CH-1020 Renens VD

Thank you,
Sister Jeppson

New Blue

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